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Transformers Prime – “Grill” Episode 35 Recap

by on April 16, 2012

Fowler is under tribunal by the military and must defend himself and the Autobots.

“Grill” is a clip show and a pointless one at that.

The entire half-hour consists of Fowler introducing the main characters and recapping the series’ events for a military General. That’s all there is to it. Nothing relevant happens, though the episode deludes itself that it does. Midway through the story, it tries to pull a twist when General Bryce threatens to terminate Fowler and subsequently cut all alliances from the Autobots because Fake Optimus ambushed a military base. Should either one of these things had come to pass, “Grill” would have had a specific purpose. They didn’t, and everything is easily solved. Any turmoil the military felt from the previous attack is nil. That means not only is this episode insignificant, but the previous episode “Nemesis Prime” means absolutely zilch in the long run.


“Grill” hosts one of the cheapest excuses to drive a plot I’ve ever seen. The military recovers Nemesis Prime, mistaking him for Optimus, then berate Fowler on how he died and why he went rogue. For some inconceivable reason, Fowler doesn’t contact Optimus right away to gain his perspective and prove his innocence. Instead he spends the entire episode advertising the show, spewing overlong details on every major character and event. The General doesn’t send any of his men to the Autobot base to check up and get their side of story. No one in the government bothers to do the same. Nope, they need to push this clip show, so everyone has to be idiotically stubborn in order to advance it. It’s only at the very last minute when Fowler even thinks to call Optimus. When he arrives, Optimus doesn’t attempt to testify his legitimacy. All he does is greet the General and express concern over MECH. Somehow that’s more than enough for Bryce to instantly and conveniently assume his allegiance is genuine. I’m aware Fowler vouched for him earlier, but it fell in deaf ears then.

I wonder if this is something Hasbro specifically requested as the entirety of “Grill” is essentially one long commercial. I’m aware the Transformers franchise is primarily about selling toys, but this isn’t an episode; it’s a DVD extra. There are better things to do with your time than view this. Newcomers may find a use for it, but the recap isn’t so straightforward and you’re better off reading summaries in the Transformers wiki. As it stands, “Grill” is unnecessary.

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