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Transformers Prime – “Alpha/Omega” Episode 47 Recap

by on October 11, 2012

The Autobots must find the four Omega Keys to restore Cybertron, but Megatron interrupts, now possessing the power of the Primes.

Last episode had Optimus receiving a message from one of the Thirteen, Alpha Trion. He tells Optimus to find the four Omega Keys located in four different directions. Immediately my first thought was, “Didn’t they do this already?” The Autobots previously underwent a quest to retrieve four relics as part of the elusive Project Iacon, are they really going to repeat the same plot structure? The stakes are considerably higher because the keys can restore their home world, but what about Project Iacon? Is that still in play? Optimus Prime decrypts the keys as the final relics in the Autobot data files where Project Iacon lies, so I theorize there is a possible connection between the two. The question still remains, what IS Project Iacon? It’s been in play since the beginning of Season Two, but we still have no clue what it is and what it does. Does it involve bringing Cybertron to life? If so, then what’s the point of claiming the other relics when all the Autobots need are the keys? Alpha Trion even admitted that he planted Cybertronian artifacts in Earth to give the Autobots an edge and keep them out of Decepticon hands. Why is it part of Project Iacon when most of the relics are extraneous upgrades for battle? Perhaps Project Iacon’s entire purpose is one, big scavenger hunt. If that’s the case, then why did it take until season two to introduce the files when the Autobots have been searching for lost relics since Season One? I hope we get a definite answer to its origins or this might get needlessly complicated.

The Arcee/Smokescreen subplot is lackluster. The latter tries to make amends to Arcee for endangering Jack, only to be met with constant irritation. Arcee only feels remorse when Smokescreen is seemingly killed. Much like Cliffjumper and Tailgate’s deaths, the loss of another partner hits her hard and she’s all but out of it until Smokescreen returns unharmed. Unsurprisingly, he is alive and that’s somehow enough for Arcee to look the other way for some reason. The lack of emotional resolution or a definite conclusion to their dilemma leaves this B-Plot feeling cold. There’s a smaller side plot where the Bots feign sorrow because they may have to leave Earth and their human friends behind, but it’s underplayed and doesn’t amount to much. I don’t have any issues with this one because I feel it might eventually be elaborated on.

Megatron’s plan is ingenious. By literally grafting an arm belonging to a Prime, he can now use weapons wielded only by them. Taking advantage of his new toy, he crafts a sword out of Dark Energon equal to Optimus’ Star Saber (though its name—Dark Star Saber—leaves much to be desired). The battle is standard, but it’s certainly the most gorgeous. The beams coming out of their swords are masterfully animated, giving you a visual treat. I didn’t expect the Star Saber to shatter given how powerful it is, so that took me off guard. I’m not surprised to see it destroyed though. Its only purpose is to provide exposition and foresight from Alpha Trion that Optimus will be involved in a giant, epic war. It would come as an honest surprise if Optimus hadn’t been doing that all throughout the show. This is typical cliché nonsense and cheesy to boot, too. At one point, Megatron raises his own sword up as he dramatically bellows a villainous speech, complete with evil lightning. I cringed from embarrassment.

I wish I could say more. “Alpha/Omega” is mediocre and only sets up yet another important fetch quest. The good news is that I’m unsure what direction they’re really going to go, so they can still pull off something unexpected. Transformers Prime excels at plot twists and the show has plenty of chances to surprise me. I look forward to it.

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