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Transformers Animated – “Velocity” – Episode 21 Recap

by on October 9, 2013


Bumblebee and Sari investigate an illegal drag race to look for a mysterious blue car.

As a Bumblebee episode, “Velocity” does everything right. Here, an illegal drag race brings out Bee’s ego when a mysterious blue racer (amusingly designed to look like the famous Mach-5) bests him in the tracks. Unable accept the idea that someone is faster than him, Bumblebee enters the drag race in hopes of coming out the victor. This does justice to Bumblebee’s present character; his reaction to the loss is consistent with his immaturity. This also leads to some of the best action in the show with a cleverly arranged car chase scene and it concludes enigmatically, leaving the audience to muse over the blue car’s true identity.

I just wish it wasn’t so boring.

Despite a lot of things happening, none of them really stuck with me. Even the action portions of the episode—however good they are—couldn’t elevate the tedium. For the life of me, I’m not entirely sure why I get impatient whenever I watch this episode. Maybe it’s the main baddie: Master Disaster may be even more of a cardboard than Nanosec. Maybe it’s because Bumblebee isn’t close to being my favorite character (although I enjoyed the Bee-centric episode “Nanosec”, which was vivid and engaging) The best I can guess is that it feels sparse, as if “Velocity” is just dragging its feet the whole time.


The only thing that I wasn’t bored with I ended up shaking my head over. The Aesop is terrible. Previous ones have been relevant and significant to the character in question, making them genuinely appropriate. “Velocity’s” “stealing is wrong” Aesop never really fits anyone. Sari pirates pay-per-view for no reason and Bulkhead spends much of the episode lecturing her and Bumblebee about it. Where does this come from? What purpose does it serve? It’s like an afterschool special snuck in and didn’t bother to connect with any of the cast members. It’s insulting and unnecessary. All in all, like the blue car, how “Velocity” could turn out to be so boring is a mystery.

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