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Transformers Animated Cast Expands

by on July 7, 2007

According to voice actor David Kaye at this years Botcon, here are the following announced voices for the upcoming Transformers Animated.

Info courtesy of The Allspark reporting onsite at Botcon:

Bumblebee – Bumper Robinson (apparently in a Chris Rock-esque performance)
Bulkhead – Bill Fagerbakke
Prowl – Jeff Bennett
Ultra Magnus – also Jeff Bennett
Arcee – Susan Blu (also the voice director)
Blackarachnia – Cree Summer
Jazz – Phil Lamarr
Corey Burton – Shockwave – Corey Burton
A Constructicon – Tom Kenny
A garbage truck (Junkion?) – “Weird Al” Yankovic

This is all in addition to the previously announced David Kaye as Optimus Prime, Corey Burton as Megatron, and Tom Kenny as Starscream.

Many of the characters outside of the main cast will be stand-alone episode characters.

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