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Toys for Sale: The Inevitability of the Pixar-Disney Merger

by on January 30, 2006

Economic logic, it seems, rarely rules in Hollywood. Too often, egos get in the way. But the announcement that the Walt Disney Company will be buying Pixar Animation Studios shows that even Hollywood will sometimes bow to the obvious. The Disney-Pixar merger is certainly the most momentous entertainment combination since Time bought Warner, and history may one day deem it the most important merger in Hollywood history.

Disney Castle that Disney’s Iger has just allied himself with the businessman who will, sooner rather than later, take over Iger’s own job. That’s probably also to Disney’s advantage. Historically, the Disney company has always demanded—and usually gotten—a visionary at the helm. Jobs is about the most incandescent strategist they could have snared.

Pixar is gone, but so too, we may hope, is the pale, cautious, bullying Disney of Eisner’s last decade. Tonight sees fireworks over the Magic Kingdom, but for the first time in a long while they’re the dazzling pyrotechnics of celebration, not the glowing rockets of war.

Jay Allman, a.k.a. Maxie Zeus, is Toon Zone’s former editor in chief.

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