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Toonzone Transformers Week – Closing Statement

by on July 4, 2011

Toonzone Transformers Week – Closing Statement

Alas, we have reached the end of the
road, and Toonzone’s Transformers Week must conclude. It has been
interesting covering all these perspectives on the franchise’s past
and present. Yet we can only cover so much of an expansive property
in such a small period of time, so we are saddened to end a
celebration which barely scratched the tip of this Cybertronian

we should not to be saddened by this, because discussion of this
franchise will continue unabated.
Transformers: Dark of
the Moon,
which has now become a
box office smash around the world, more than likely created another
new set of fans like its two predecessors did. Tomorrow on July 5,
the Japanese
Headmastersseries will officially be released in the United States for the first
time, introducing a unique continuation of the original G1 series.
Then there is the fact that today on July 4, 2011 there’s a “Trans
thof July” marathon of Transformers Primeplaying from 1 to 8 PM Eastern (10 AM – 5 PM Pacific) on Hasbro’sThe Hubchannel. (If you aren’t watching it right now, go do so!)

these events, and the multitude of merchandise already out there,
there is no need to worry about a potential lack of frank
conversation about
As such, we have decided to conclude Toonzone’s Transformers Week
with material that promote such discourse. Neo Yi will give give her
view on how the recent series,
Transformers Prime,
has been doing. Fellow TZ contributor Ed Liu was kind enough to
encapsulate any and all previous news, interviews, and reviews the
site has ever done regarding the franchise into a nice streamlined
list. Finally, Harley will soundly conclude her adventure with
Transformers: Dark of the Moonfor the Playstation 3.

Of course if you
have found out about the week just recently, here is a list of what
was talked about earlier on:

With all that said and done, some
thanks are in order. I would like to thank Harley for being
supportive and letting me do this week, HellCat and Neo Yi for their
unique contributions, most especially to the Best Episode Ever
entries, Ed Liu for encompassing all previous Toonzone Transformersnews into one nice place, the PR Department of The Hub for
their contributions of various images and media for the week, TZ
reporter Lelouch for some suggestions on streamlining the week,
Hasbro for obvious reasons, and finally you the reader. Thank you so
much for letting us share a bit of the Transformers experience
with you. If you are a veteran Tranformers fan, I hope you had a
joyful, nostalgic, and at times enlightening experience. If you are
a new Transformers fan, I hope our coverage has made the franchise
enticing enough for you to look into it now more than ever.

So let
us rejoice for those who still continue their
Transformersexperience ever so faithfully, and the new faces who look do the same
in due time! The future has never looked so brighter and while we
may not know what else is on the horizon, we shall remain ever so
hopeful and steadfast in looking forward to whatever comes our way.


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