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Toonzone Reviews the Animated TELETOON Winter 2012 Premieres

by on January 5, 2012

TELETOON launches its newest slate of programming tonight, January 5, 2012, and Toonzone has reviewed three of the animated premieres:

Jamie Tadlock reviews Total Drama: Revenge of the Island:
Let’s talk about Total Drama Island, and why it didn’t suck. The first (and weakest) season of the popular franchise was filled with archetypical characters, lame jokes, and contrived plotlines, but a few things kept it going–and me watching. The first was the fact that, while the characters were archetypes, they were not always one-note–there were too many OTHER archetypes around for them to react to. The second thing was the cartoonish pseudo-reality show tone, which combined the best of two worlds–we got the competitive nature that made the best reality shows so popular, but we also got to enjoy the types of over-the-top challenges that live-action could never emulate, and we got the gently spoofish, self-referential aspect that that implies.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about my thoughts on the first season in a review of an episode from the fourth episode from the fourth season, it’s because my thoughts remain basically the same–just MORE so. Read More >>

Maxie Zeus reviews Detentionaire:
Whirr. Clang. Click. That’s the sound of countless tropes and stereotypes locking around the viewer as Detentionaire, a new animated series from Nelvana/Teletoon, makes it debut. Everything in this show–in the episode I was asked to review, anyway–is so generic and familiar that even the novel bits–if there are any–will leave you feeling manacled. Read More >>

Ed Liu reviews Mudpit:
After watching TELETOON’s new premiere sitcom Mudpit, I’ve come to the conclusion that my major beef with most teenage sitcoms is that they insist on treating their characters and their audience like complete idiots. With two exceptions, everyone in the cast of the show is overly exaggerated and generally acts like a complete moron, which takes the show’s decent-enough base concept and makes it nearly insufferable to sit through. I also find that its mishmash of styles, genres, and influences don’t meld together as well as they’d like to, leading to a show that’s only fitfully successful. Read More >>

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