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Toonzone presents Transformers Week! – Opening Statement.

by on June 27, 2011

Opening Statement

The Transformers! More than Meets
the Eye! Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of
the Decepticons! The Transformers! Robots in Disguise! The
Transformers! More than Meets the Eye! The Transformers!

On September 17th1984, children around the United States heard those lyrics for the
first time when the first of a three-part pilot of The
cartoon premiered in the United States. What
followed was an engaging introduction of two warring factions: The
heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. Their conflict eventually
expands from their homeworld Cybertron to our planet Earth where,
after millions of years out of commission, the stakes are raised
after both factions were repaired and augmented with the technology
of the 1980s. Now, with the ability to transform into the vehicles
of that time, from semi-trucks to military-grade fighter jets, they
continue their battle, all the while dragging mankind along with it.

It has been
twenty-seven years since that three part saga which was eventually
christened “More Than Meets the Eye” ended, and mankind is still
being dragged by that very conflict. Hasbro’s Transformersfranchise, based off Japanese company Takara Tomy’s Microbotand Diaclone toylines has had tremendous success for nearly
three decades. Packaged, repackaged, then repackaged again, it is
what one may call the gift that keeps on giving, especially in
Hasbro’s case when it comes to merchandising.

And why not?
Clearly there must be something more than meets the eye if the world
still finds something of worth regarding robots in disguise. Not
only can it be seen in the distinctive toylines, comic books, movies,
video games, TV series and what have you, but its expanded mythology
and impact on popular culture. The everlasting battle between the
Autobots and Decepticons has seen itself take many forms throughout
the years. We have seen it emulated by Hanna-Barbera in an attempt
to capitalize on its success. We have seen it repackaged for a
second generation. We have seen it continue through their
descendants the Maximals and the Predacons. We have seen its story
being interpreted in ways only the Japanese can come up with. We
have seen it stylized to a more cartoony form and our wayward heroes
turned into a bunch of youthful underdogs. We have seen it become a
live-action metal slug fest that could only be envisioned by a
director like Michael Bay. We have seen it mocked by the likes of
Kevin Smith, we have seen it parodied by the likes of Gainax, we have
seen it being given homage from cartoons like Megas XLR.

Now we have come to
a juncture and an end of sorts. This week is when the final
Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay, Transformers: Dark of
the Moon
releases. For better or worse, he has left an indelible
impact on the franchise and on us, and propelled the franchise to
astronomical popularity (and profit!). More than likely we shall see
more live action Transformers movies, and we shall continue to see
bits of his influence as the new Transformers Prime series
enters into another season…

…So what better
way to commemorate this momentous occasion by dedicating an ENTIRE
week dedicated to Transformers past, present, and future?
Today marks the beginning of week-long celebration of the franchise,
with each day filled to the brim with many features, articles,
reviews and what have you of series past and present, culminating
into a look to the future as the theatre lights are raised once theDark of the Moon ends. I sincerely hope that my fellow TZ
crew and I will bring forth a rather enjoyable and informative
experience of this franchise. But I have been speaking far too

Transform! And Blog out!

Kicking off the week we have two articles from HellCat and Juu-kuchi:

“Transformers the Movie – Transforms from questionable motion picture to rose tinted nostalgia and back!” – By HellCat

“Transformers Starter Kit 2011!” – By Juu-kuchi

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