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Toonzone Interviews Joe Murray on "Frog in a Suit" and KaboingTV

by on May 26, 2010

Joe Murray who embraced it, and here we are attempting to fund the first few episodes with backing by the audience and fans.

TZN: What spurned you on to create it?

JM: I finished a book last year called Creating Cartoons with Character that will be out this summer through Random House/Watson-Guptill Press. In it, I talk about how to pitch to networks and studios, but also if a network or studio won’t sign on to it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. I started interviewing people who were doing web-based cartoons to try and see if someone had an alternative to going to a network, and I found that cartoons were being done on the web, but there wasn’t a devoted quality cartoon channel on the web. So I started looking into the numbers, researched the feasibility of it, and said “someone is going to do this someday. Why not start trying now? Animation needs it now more than ever. And since I have a bit of a following, a track record, and a few Emmys, I thought maybe I could be the one to give it a shot.

TZN: When will it be online?

JM: Hopefully by the end of the year if not sooner. It will be a slow build. When MTV first came out they only had a couple of music videos they kept playing over and over. Our channel may be a bit like that until it gets rolling.

Kaboing Dude and, if you can afford it, become a producer of the project. There are many levels of participation and some cool thank you gifts. Once we get the first episodes up and running, it’s really about helping us create a buzz about the site and attract traffic ( or shepherd traffic towards the site). Hopefully, it will start to gain legs and we can keep it going.

Toonzone News would like to thank Joe Murray for taking the time to talk with us. For more details on Frog in a Suit and KaboingTV, visit the Joe Murray Studios official web site.

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