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Toonzone Goes to Toy Fair 2013: Second Salvo – Playmates “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

by on February 15, 2013

Playmates Toys was out in force, with a massive booth packed to the gills with toys for Nickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles relaunch, which has been a massive seller for them. The action figure line is going to be greatly expanded, and will be branching out into different scales and new features. The classic figure line will get two fan-favorite characters, and kids will soon be able to buy their own Kraang Ooze: a cohesive semi-liquid substance that feels really slimy but doesn’t stick to your fingers or isn’t supposed to stain clothing or furniture. Several new figures and vehicle playsets will also come with Ooze dispensers. There are also a few new playsets and other accessories arriving soon. And I didn’t even photograph the Turtles role-play costumes.

As always, click any thumbnail to see full-size photos of the toys. There’s a lot of detail on these things that you won’t see from just the thumbnails.


The basic figure line is getting a lot of new additions, with over 30 due out by the end of the year. New additions will include Leatherhead, Snakeweed, and Baxter Stockman in April; Rat King and Cockroach Terminator in August; and a Mouser 7-pack, Spider Bytez, and newly sculpted Shredder due in October.

Also, I just want my local Target’s TMNT action figure section to look just like the first photo, all the time. Is that so much to ask?

ToonzoneToyFair2013-171 ToonzoneToyFair2013-164
ToonzoneToyFair2013-174 ToonzoneToyFair2013-175
ToonzoneToyFair2013-176 ToonzoneToyFair2013-177
ToonzoneToyFair2013-178 ToonzoneToyFair2013-179
ToonzoneToyFair2013-180 ToonzoneToyFair2013-198


The “Battle Shell” Turtles are just shy of 12 inches tall and feature full articulation and storage area for ninja weapons under their shells. It’s probably better if you don’t think about that last bit too hard.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-172 ToonzoneToyFair2013-173

These figures are from the deluxe “Classic Collection” Turtles line, re-introducing the 80’s Turtles to toy shelves. Each figure stands about 6-inches high and has over 30 points of articulation (which is kind of insane; I have 1/6 scale action figures twice this size with less articulation than that). The four turtles are available now, and Bebop and Rocksteady are due out in August 2013.


ToonzoneToyFair2013-184 ToonzoneToyFair2013-185
ToonzoneToyFair2013-181 ToonzoneToyFair2013-182
ToonzoneToyFair2013-186 ToonzoneToyFair2013-187

These are the “Flinger” figures, which can shoot projectiles when you roll them across a hard-surface, followed by a shot of the “Throw n Battle” figures, which fold up until you toss them onto a hard surface, when they pop open ready for action. Flingers are out now; Throw N’ Battles are due in August 2013.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-200 ToonzoneToyFair2013-201
ToonzoneToyFair2013-202 ToonzoneToyFair2013-199


As mentioned above, Ooze is going to figure prominently in new Ninja Turtles toys (perhaps to the dismay of parents everywhere). In addition to its utility in grossing out kid sisters, the Ooze can be loaded into the Sewer Cruiser and the Drop Copter toys to dump Ooze where the Turtles need to (perhaps to gross out that kid sister even more). There will also be special Ooze Turtle figures (not shown) that can carry Ooze in a backpack and squirt it out by pushing down on a plunger. Kid sisters and parents: beware!

ToonzoneToyFair2013-188 ToonzoneToyFair2013-191

An assortment of other vehicles has also been released. Fans of the show will recognize the two-Turtle patrol buggies, which will be joined by the Ninja AT-3 and other motorized bikes. There’s also a remote-controlled Shellraiser battle van coming to join the kid-powered version. All these new vehicles are slated for August 2013.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-192 ToonzoneToyFair2013-193
ToonzoneToyFair2013-194 ToonzoneToyFair2013-195
ToonzoneToyFair2013-196 ToonzoneToyFair2013-197


Due out this spring, the Anchovy Alley playset looks like a pizza box, but unfolds quickly into a large playset. The transforming trick is really cool when you see it in person.
ToonzoneToyFair2013-168 ToonzoneToyFair2013-165
The playset comes with features like the spring-loaded lamppost that Michelangelo is using to kick that Foot Ninja in the head. I also love the use of the pizza guy who seems to show up on all the take-out pizza boxes.
ToonzoneToyFair2013-169 ToonzoneToyFair2013-170
Shredder’s Headquarters is another fold-up playset due out in the Fall.
ToonzoneToyFair2013-166 ToonzoneToyFair2013-167
The deluxe Sewer Lair playset is below. The other close-up photos I took of it sucked, so you’re just getting the grand overview. Sorry about that.

Special thanks to Christine Azzolino of Coyne PR for taking the time to show me around the Playmates Turtles booth.

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