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Toon Zone Was There: Seth MacFarlane at GWU

by on September 17, 2006

On Saturday night, September 16th, Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit series Family Guy and American Dad, spoke at the Smith Center at George Washington University. He spoke about the well known origins of Family Guy and also shared info about an upcoming episode.

Some news has come out of this discussion with MacFarlane’s D.C. fanbase. MacFarlane said that American Dad and Family Guy will both stay on Adult Swim indefinitely, stating that “this relationship has helped both Adult Swim [Cartoon Network] and FOX.” Second, he stated that there are no current plans for a Family Guy motion picture or a second DVD film or major special. MacFarlane also spoke about the upcoming crossover with American Dad on Family Guy‘s 100th episode, which will be minor and will really only take place in the first half of that two-parter.

The following may be considered spoilers to upcoming episodes:
MacFarlane revealed that there will be an upcoming episode updating us on Cleveland Jr. and Loretta and their current situation. For those interested, MacFarlane said it was decided that Cleveland Jr. just moved in with Loretta at their divorce. In other “news,” the Family Guy staff (according to Seth MacFarlane) plan on just keeping Bonnie pregnant, so there is really nothing new on that front.

Seth MacFarlane said that James Woods would be returning in an upcoming episode, after the rousing success of the first episode he appeared on. Drew Barrymore will also be recurring her role throughout upcoming episodes and will be Brian’s steady girlfriend throughout those episodes. Hugh Heffner will also be making an appearance during a Quagmire-themed episode detailing his Pilot career; the episode will focus around the airport and likely on his job.

MacFarlane revealed that before doing Family Guy he was interested in doing a show with Adam West, after meeting him on a Johnny Bravo episode that they worked together on.

Lastly, MacFarlane spoke about the “feud” between South Park and Family Guy and The Simpsons and Family Guy, stating only that he was “friends with Matt Groening” and knows that they often jab his show, and vice versa. Regarding South Park, MacFarlane said that he met Trey and Matt once five years ago and doesn’t know them well, but he said it would be unfair to make fun of them. He also noted that there will be more Simpsons references this season.

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