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Toon Zone goes to Dragon*Con: Day One — Adult Swim Panels

by on September 5, 2009

Toon Zone is pleased to offer a collection of news highlights from Adult Swim’s “Dragon Panel II” and Squidbillies panels on Friday, 9.04 at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA.

(Additional details and commentary on all these shows as well as a full convention report (including photos) will be available soon via the Toon Zone Blog.)

New series and additions to Adult Swim programming:

– Live-action British comedy The Office (the original that the U.S. version starring Steve Carell was based on) premieres Friday, September 18th at midnight. [AS] will be airing twelve 30-minute episodes, plus two 60-minute specials.

Titan Maximum premieres Sunday, September 27th at midnight. The designs, models and animation for this stop-motion action-adventure comedy from the producers of Robot Chicken look greatly improved over its predecessor.

Frankenhole, a new animated series involving Moral Orel co-director/writer/producer and voice talent Scott Adsit will premiere in February 2010. Ten 15-minute episodes are being produced.

Tight Bros, a new live-action comedy series described as “Beavis and Butthead meets New Jersey” premieres in February 2010. Ten 15-minute episodes are being produced.

Children’s Hospital, a new live-action spoof of TV hospital dramas premieres Summer 2010. Seventeen 11-minute episodes are being produced.

Delocated has six new 22-minute episodes in production.

The Galaxy Wrestling Alliance, a new animated comedy series from Metalocalypse co-creator Tommy Blacha will debut in the fall of 2010. Ten 15-minute episodes are being produced for this show, described as “The Wrestler meets Metalocalypse” and “Metalocalypse in tights.”

Pilots in development (which will all eventually air on [AS], according to the panelists):

Southies: described as “South Boston animated” with animation looking similar to Squidbillies. Adult Swim representatives stated that it was planned to package this show with Squidbillies to have two “redneck comedies” — one from the South, and one from the North — back-to-back.

Freaknik The Musical: This 60-minute animated special featuring hip hop artist T. Pain has been three years in the making. Five songs are included, and other artists have contributed their talents to the project, including Rick Ross, George Clinton, Lil’ Wayne and Andy Samberg. The animation style is reminiscent of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, but “dirtied up.”

Paid Programming: Icelandic Ultra Blue: Live-action comedy described as an “infomercial within an infomercial within an infomercial.”

Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge: Described as “Miley Cyrus meets Strawberry Shortcake in CGI” and “Britney Spears in Detroit.” This Bratz-esque computer-animated musical musical pilot from Dave Willis (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies) has been in development for quite some time. It will also feature the voice of MC Chris.

– “Untitled Clown Show”: This “Bozo the Clown” spoof (as “Prozo the Clown”) was created by Robert Smigel (TV Funhouse). A panelist stated that if you’re already afraid of clowns, this show will surely give you nightmares.

Black Dynamite: Described as “anime blaxploitation.” This 22-minute pilot comes by way of the same people who brought you The Boondocks.

– Panelists assured that “more Boondocks are coming,” but still did not give a premiere date for Season 3.

Eagleheart: Produced by Conan O’Brien and influenced by Chuck Norris/Walker Texas Ranger. Will also involve talent from The Colbert Report.

– “Untitled Kind of Like Sherlock Holmes Project”: A Dr. Who-influenced spoof featuring The Mighty Boosh star Rich Fulcher and guest star Matt Berry (who also played Todd Rivers/Dr. Lucien Sanchez on Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace ).

Thunderstruck: Described as an “animated white trash superhero,” and animated by “the folks who produce King of the Hill.”

Squidbillies was presented as a separate panel, where attendees were offered a preview of the upcoming Season 5 episode #53 which will feature George Lowe (Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast, The Brak Show) and guest star Jesco White (aka “The Dancing Outlaw”) as Early Cuyler’s father, Ga-Ga Pepap,


whom Rusty breaks out of jail because he’s facing the death penalty.

Other guest stars in the new season include:

  • Southern rockers Drive-By Truckers (in a musical episode).
  • Rock-country band Jason and the Scorchers.
  • Widespread Panic, who performs what Dave Willis described as an “11 and a half-minute jam” of the same song which plays throughout the entire episode.

    In this same episode it’s revealed that Lil is a “sophisticated drug runner” who has a staff processing drugs for her like slaves in a cave beneath the floor of the Cuyler home.

It was also announced that Unknown Hinson (voice of Early Cuyler) will be in concert at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA on October 24th, 2009 (a date which is not yet listed on the Show Schedule at UnknownHinson.com.)

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