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Toon Zone at Otakon: ADV to Small Dish Owners: Let Your Voice Be Heard

by on August 22, 2005

ADV at Otakon 2005: Good reactions, and a time to make one’s move.

This year, ADV displayed some clips from their upcoming series GODANNAR. This is a series which takes the combination of fan service and giant mecha anime to new heights. This series will be released October 4, 2005.

Before that release date though, and having already released Bit Torrents with materials from ADV’s Madlax, ADV will be releasing Bit Torrents containing trailers, mecha designs, computer wallpapers, and various other “goodies” from GODANNAR. Fans should expect them to appear at ADV Films’ website.


Also at Otakon, it’s not really anime–seeing how it’s a show using mannequins for stop motion animation–but ADV also displayed some clips from Fuccons. It’s odd, it’s disturbing, and the audience watching it (including this reporter) laughed a lot. There’s not really much I can say. I would probably need to watch the clips again before I could put the absurdity of the ribald humor of the VAs combined with the positioning of the mannequins into words.

Though when I try to think of words to describe the mother mannequin’s laugh, two words come to mind: “Kodachi Kuno.”


Just before Otakon, ADV released a press release advertising a post-Gilgamesh sneak preview of a new show called Ghost Stories. The series received a complete reworking on its English script, in that the writers at ADV changed much of the character interaction in the series and added humor that the original version was lacking. The new version is described as a Scooby Doo-esque series with blood and characters dying.

With the modified cultural refrences and tongue-in-cheek humor, the reaction of the room full of attendees alternated betwen laughing until one’s sides hurt and the ever popular “Oh my god, did they really just say that?”

Truly something to look forward to being released.


While ADV is always tight-lipped about the upcoming distribution of Anime Network’s linear channel and deals being made thereunto, attendees at the ADV panel learned that if owners of small satellite dishes (for example, DirecTV and Dish Network) want access to The Anime Network, then now is the time to repeatedly contact, bug, and generally let your provider know that you want the Anime Network.

ADV Films and The Anime Network are divisions of A.D. Vision Inc.

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