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ThunderCats (2011) “The Sword of Omens – Part 2” Recap

by on October 1, 2011


Generations, the Thunderians have lived in the Kingdom of Thundera
where they thrived. However, one day the kingdom was attacked by the
lizard army, which is led by the evil sorcerer demon like creature named
Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra was defeated by a group called “The ThunderCats” with
use of legendary items called “technology”. Now years later, a prince
named Lion-O will soon rise up against Mumm-Ra who has returned for
revenge  with the use of “The Sword of Omens” and the help of allies he
will meet on his journey”

The episode begins the day after Lion-O and his father allowed the lizard monsters to run free. However, this decision appears to be a grave mistake when a huge lizard army suddenly appears out of nowhere to destroy Thundera. Lion-O ends up getting a huge scolding from his father and Tygra that letting those monsters free from their prison allowed this terrible situation to occur. The situation only gets worse as the lizard army turns out to have possession of the legendary technology that seemed to only be a myth. The city ends up being bombed and Grune reveals himself to be a complete traitor that has sided with the lizards for his own greed. Grune reveals that Panthro is in fact alive and that he will trade him for the Sword Of Omens, but the King quickly refuses the deal. Lion-O shows up on the battlefield to help his father and Tygra with his knowledge of technology, and the King saves Panthro with the power of the Sword of Omens. However, he is then fatally stabbed and ends up dropping the sword as he falls to the water below.

It’s revealed that Mumm-Ra had been revived and impersonated Panthro to kill the king. Mumm-Ra captures and tortures Jaga and orders him to remove the spell on the Sword of Omens so he can get the stone inside of it that originally belonged to him. Meanwhile, Lion-O and Tygra are imprisoned but soon released by one of the lizards Lion-O set free on the previous episode. While having Tygra and Cheetara (who was also recently captured) revolt inside the castle to stop the lizards, Lion-O manages to take back the Sword of Omens and slashes Mumm-Ra through the castle walls with its power. Mumm-Ra is enraged and decides to release some sort of power inside of him, however the sun rises and it’s revealed that its rays easily harm him. Mumm-Ra quickly orders his soldiers to capture Lion-O, Tygra, Jaga, and Cheetara, who end up escaping behind a large door. Jaga stays behind and tells Lion-O that he must find “The Book of Omens” as it will hold the truth on what to do next. The episode ends with Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara looking out in the distance, ready for their journey to begin.

My feelings on this episode are actually mixed because one part of me enjoyed all the action going on, but another part of me was feeling like there was even less explanation of what was going on than in the previous episode. Starting with the upsides, the action overall was very, very good. From sword swings, arrow shots, and even bombings I was very entertained in the whole war that was going in this episode. Going along with the action, the animation really shines the most in this episode during the key moments of the war, Mumm-Ra’s return, and a good number of small scenes. What also shined was something I already briefly explained in my last recap, and that is Lion-O’s characterization. I’m usually used to main characters who have to grow in order to be truly brave. But Lion-O just jumps in regardless of whether something is his fault, and he tries his best to make up for it. I find to be pretty cool and something not seen very much in action shows anymore. As for the downsides however, I felt like Mumm-Ra’s revival could of had a better explanation than just him showing up out of nowhere. Of course the writers could just be saving that for later, but for a pilot I felt like they should of explained things in more detail than just jumping right in to the battle and hoping the viewers catch on. For new Thundercats fans I feel like it’s a bumpy road to fully understand the story, but it’s at least decently fun to watch the action.

I think the biggest annoyance with this series so far is Tygra though. At first I was fine with his character as he is Lion-O’s older brother, and thus scolding him here and there just seems natural. However, the only things that come out of his mouth are either how he should be the chosen king, or how Lion-O keeps screwing up. Characters like this only work when the younger brother is actually weak and doesn’t believe in himself, but since Lion-O is already a strong character this just makes Tygra more unlikeable than a decent character. In short, I think this series does have a lot going for it so far as the animation is great and the action is pretty awesome. But, it has a lot to explain and I think some characters need some development quickly or they will turn out less likeable with every episode. Overall, this episode was entertaining, but nothing special.

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