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ThunderCats (2011) – “The Pit” Episode 19 Recap

by on March 26, 2013

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The ThunderCats arrive in a Gladiator city that takes pride for their fierce arena. To Lion-O’s surprise, a surviving cat named Pumyra is fighting inside the arena for her life.

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Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats arrive in the city of Gladiators, where they discover Pumyra, a surviving Thunderian cat fighting within the the city’s arena for her freedom. The group pays a visit to Panthro’s old friend “Dobo”, the manager of the arena, who explains that she can only be freed once she wins 100 matches. Lion-O slyly tries to take matters into his own hands by infiltrating the arena’s depths to break Pumyra out, but she purposely alarms the guards and gets him locked up. Lion-O soon learns that she utterly hates him for abandoning Thundera when it fell to Mumm-Ra’s power.  Elsewhere, Dobo returns the Sword of Omens and Gauntlet to Panthro and explains that Lion-O will be freed if he can win against his upcoming opponent.  Panthro attempts to sway Dobo’s judgement, but it doesn’t work out due to their bond being crushed from an incident in their past. It’s revealed that Panthro and Dobo once fought together as a “dog and cat team” in the arena, but Panthro escaped after learning he would have to fight Dobo in a duel to the death.

Back at the arena, Lion-O stands firm and informs Pumyra of his decision to not fight her no matter what. Pumyra eventually sees through to Lion-O’s brave interior and understands that he is indeed her king. Dobo decides to free Lion-O and Pumyra without anymore charges after learning the truth behind Panthro’s reasons for leaving him behind. With all said and done, Pumyra informs the group afterwards that a group of cats are being held captive at “Mount Plun-Darr”.

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In The Pit, we see more development surrounding Lion-O’s decision to leave Thundera behind to fight against Mumm-Ra.  Now its time for our main protagonist to take responsibility for his own citizens by freeing Pumyra from the arena.  Pumyra is an interesting character whose purpose seems to be forcing Lion-O to start living up to his responsibilities as the king of his people. Also, I can’t help but to feel like Pumyra’s anger towards Lion-O is definitely not water under the bridge just yet.  Lion-O is not perfect and had a bad habit of making some pretty poor decisions before he took the trials.  Furthermore, Panthro’s backstory with Dobo brought in a great point about the idea of leaving something behind. Panthro personally didn’t want to kill Dobo and decided to escape the arena instead of fighting in a bloody duel.  That seemingly logical decision led to Dobo misunderstanding and hating him. Will Lion-O’s decision of leaving Thundera turn into some massive form of regret/hatred later? Time will tell.

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