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ThunderCats (2011) – “Sight Beyond Sight” Recap

by on November 5, 2011


“While driving through the desert in the ThunderTank, Panthro tells Lion-O that the Book of Omens has detected one of three magic stones in a temple that is run by mystical, forgetful elephants. Lion-O’s attempts to find the stone using the Sword of Omens fail until he learns the importance of harmony and balance.” 

While speeding through the desert, Panthro tells Lion-O that the book of Omens has detected one of the three magic stones they’ve been seeking. After a race between the ThunderTank, Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra. In an attempt to activate the nitro, Wilykit and Wilykat accidentally set off the ThunderTank’s missiles, which the others barely evade.  The group eventually arrives at a large temple that is populated by a group of Elephants led by Ahbern and Ahnet.  Lion-O and company ask the two leaders about where the magic stone is, however, they can only tell Lion-O that he must be in harmony with the Sword of Omens in order to find what he seeks. During Lion-O’s training, the Elephants’ temple is attacked by insects called “Wraiths” who are after their food.  After the attack, Ahnet tells Lion-O that there is still food to survive from and that he should resume his training. But, Lion-O decides to get rid of the insects instead. Lion-O climbs up a cliff to reach the Wraith’s lair and eventually reaches their cave after running into a swarm of them. 

Lion-O after realizing the cliff contains the entire nest of the creatures, uses the Sword of Omens to seal the cave off and trap the Wraiths. In doing so, Lion-O ends up waking up a Stone Giant who was kept asleep due to the loud noise the Wraiths caused.  Lion-O returns back to the temple and learns from Ahnet that the actions he has caused has put the universe “out of tune”.  While the Elephants begin to meditate, the ThunderCats begin to clash with the Giant and they begin to realize their attacks have no effect at all.  Thanks to the efforts of Wilykit and the Elephants however, they realize the Giant’s weakness is loud noise and begin to play some music that is loud enough to bring down Stone Giant to crumble down once and for all. As things return to normal, Lion-O tries to become one in harmony with the Sword of Omens one more time and ends up learning the magic stone is located inside a nearby hut. Lion-O is dismayed to find it nowhere in the hut.  Ahnet then tells the ThunderCats that a trip to the Forest of Magi Oar will amplify the Sword of Omen’s power and allow them to find the stone.

After this series has introduced talking cats, leaf people, lizards, and robotic bears, I suppose going to wise Elephants shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Although this episode felt rather slow, I did like the idea of how Lion-O still has so much to learn about his own sword. It’s never that much fun to see the main character automatically master his main weapon and beat up the bad guys without any problems. What also caught my surprise is how likeable Tygra can be now, as one of my major issues that I expressed with this series in previous episode recaps was how badly he was being handled by the writers. From the first few episodes he merely stood around, insulting Lion-O, or randomly fought when the plot called for it. But now the writers have definitely redeemed Tygra’s character, by removing some of the antagonism and superiority and building a more natural sibling rivalry between the two. The desert race scene between all the ThunderCats is a great example of this as it showed that Lion-O and Tygra can in fact get along in their own way.

The wise Elephant species that is introduced in this episode are rather a interesting bunch. They look more at the good side of things and don’t do anything rashly (due to their wisdom), which is contrasted with Lion-O’s decision to charge off to take on the Wraiths.  Admittedly, I’m a huge sucker for the art style, settings, and characters this series keeps on giving us by each episode. Just as I complimented this in previous episode recaps, I have to applaud the animators and character designers for not only how they handled the art in this episode, but in the series so far.  This type of episode though is your “basic training” episode that helps Lion-O progress more as a character and helps us as the watchers connect more to the huge world that is introduced to us. In short, beyond this episode we can see more great development to come.

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