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ThunderCats (2011) – “Recipe for Disaster” Episode 23 Recap

by on April 4, 2013

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While heading back to the city of dogs, The ThunderCats are forced to run away from  Mumm-Ra’s new vessel called the “Sycorax” The only way for them to rid of Mumm-Ra’s new form is by using a special potion created by a strange Wolo named Panzi.

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Lion-O, Pumyra, Cheetara, Panthro, and Tygra head back to the city of dogs in order to reunite with Wilykit,Wilykat, and Snarf. While doing so, the group is chased down by a fierce dinosaur beast called the Sycorax, which is possessed by Mumm-Ra. Lion-O eventually discovers that a special potion he was given by a Wolo named Panzi is able to make the beast fall asleep. The group tracks down the Wolo, who impulsively escapes and accidentally destroys his entire supply in the process.  To stop the creature, the ThunderCats and Panzi decide to travel together in order to create more potions by using leaves from a single Caracara Tree. As the group proceeds, Panzi learns of Lion-O’s  affections towards Pumyra and hands him a free love potion to use. This ultimately fails when Tygra drinks the potion instead, flipping his personality into someone who wants to love all things around him.

The group finally arrives at the Caracara tree with a bad turn of events: Panzi’s pet caterpillar  ends up eating the majority of the leaves and Mumm-Ra quickly arrives on the scene. Before all seems lost, Lucy the Caterpillar transformers into a giant butterfly and is able to destroy the Sycorax, ultimately forcing Mumm-Ra to escape. All returns to normal with Lion-O getting a kiss on the cheek from Pumyra for aiding her and Tygra recovering from his awkward change of personality.

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Recipe for Disaster is probably one of the best animated episodes coming out of this adaption. My mind was almost blown when the animation itself took a major bounce in quality, providing loads of exceptional detail with Lion-O’s battle against the Sycorax with the ThunderCats theme ringing in the background. Many will definitely disagree, but I thought this episode was one of the best for mixing comedy, action, and adventure into one purely successful episode. The first thing that catches a lot of interest (besides Mumm-Ra using the body of a giant dinosaur monster) is Lion-O ditching his feelings for Cheetara and aiming to win over Pumyra. This transition feels awkward, though it makes sense considering what happened in previous episodes for Lion-O’s character; he is trying his hardest to move forward from being a good leader to becoming stronger in a variety of ways.  If anything, having the guts to try impressing Pumyra was a mature development from immaturely trying to win over Cheetara when she is happily in love with Tygra.

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Speaking of Tygra, I just couldn’t stop laughing at his shift of personality from drinking the love potion, one of the best examples being when he runs right in front of the Sycorax and screams out “Instead of fighting, lets talk about our feelings!”  I felt the writers really pulled a clever card by doing this since it really makes fun of Tygra’s cocky nature by providing the utter opposite of himself.

Overall, this episode is exactly why I’m going to be sad when this series ends its full run on Toonami.  There is a lot of charm in this adaption and while its definitely not perfect, I can’t help but stay interested. This is yet another episode that doesn’t move the plot along, but it expresses a lot of heart through the world, characters, and creatures being presented.

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