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ThunderCats (2011) – “Ramlak Rising” Recap

by on October 10, 2011

Lion-O abandons the vital quest for the Book of Omens in favor of avenging his father’s death. At the young prince’s command, the cats set out to end Mumm-ra. They meet Koinelius Tunar, a Sea of Sands captain obsessed with hunting and killing the giant Ramlak. After allying with the fixated captain, Lion-O must decide what is more important, quenching the thirst for revenge or the safety of his team.

Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra hold a funeral for King Claudus, with Lion-O carving the ThunderCats Symbol into the broken statue of his father. The young prince decides he must exact revenge on Mumm-Ra and ignores the task of finding the Book of Omens, leaving Tygra and Cheetara concerned if he is thinking clearly. As they leave Thundera, Wilykit and WilyKat approach the trio, asking to join in the journey until they find El Dara: The City of Treasures. Lion-O refuses, but the twins decide to follow him anyway. They eventually reach “The Sea of Sands” where they end up getting captured by a group of fishermen led by Captain Koinelius Tunar. Tunar is obsessed with tracking down and killing a creature called the Ramlak, which drank all of the waters of the fishmen’s homeland. Lion-O begins to earn Tunar’s respect due their similar need for revenge and soon enough become friends. Lion-O decides to then help Tunar track the Ramlak down despite Tygra and Cheetara’s protests. 

The Ramlak suddenly appears and ends up snagging the ship with it’s tentacles and begins to destroy it. Lion-O realizes how wrong his revenge was and saves everyone from drowning, while Tunar dies by giving the Ramlak one final strike. Once everybody was saved, Lion-O too ends up devoured by the Ramlak, only to cut himself out of it with the Sword of Omens and releasing all the water in the beast’s stomach. The fishmen cheer the return of the water to their homeland and bid Lion-O and co a farewell. At the end of the episode, Lion-O decides to accept twins into the group after realizing they can take care of themselves and then decides to give up on revenge and aim for the Book of Omens.  Meanwhile, Jaga is revealed to be captured by Mumm-Ra, who claims that Jaga will be his key to finding the Book of Omens.

And so the journey begins with this episode, and I gotta say that it was pretty enjoyable. One of my problems with the last two episodes as I mentioned in the previous recaps was lack of explanation. Here we get a solid, fun episode where we can just sit back and enjoy the ride without thinking too much. Starting with the pros, I really enjoyed Lion-O’s overall character development throughout this episode. I was worried a bit when the whole “revenge plot” came into the episode, because I really thought it was going to take another two or three episodes for Lion-O to learn his lesson. Instead, the writers decided to get to the point and have him realize what’s important without dragging it on too long. Tygra showed the strongest character development accepting Lion-O instead of ranting about how he isn’t king or how much stronger he is. Wilykit and Wilykat are proving to be very likeable characters as well with their childish antics. At the end of this episode I thought it was pretty heart warming to know that Lion-O’s group didn’t lose respect for him even after his bad decision and the distress it subjected them to. The characters are really getting somewhere and I just hope the writers don’t lose what great momentum they’ve built so far.


This episode is one of those where there aren’t many bad things to say.  The animation is proving to be consistently great and I really am liking the variety of character designs amongst the species. The only flaw I found was that Lion-O’s decision was inconsistent with the end of the second episode. During the ending of the second part of “The Sword of Omens,” it seemed like he was serious about finding the Book of Omens and had accepted his father’s death. In this episode, he suddenly wants revenge instead making him come off as indecisive and a bit random.   In short, this episode had some nice development and was a plate of decent entertainment with some nice action on the side. 

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