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ThunderCats (2011) – “New Alliances” Episode 14 Recap

by on March 6, 2013

Thundercats (2011) LogoAfter retrieving the first stone inside the Astral Plane, Lion-O starts to suffer a huge heartbreak from Cheetara choosing Tygra over him. Elsewhere, Mumm-Ra increases the power of his forces by hiring two new generals:Addicus and Kaynar.

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Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats continue their journey after retrieving the first stone for the Sword of Omens inside the Astral Plane. However, Lion-O is preoccupied with the knowledge that Cheetara chose to love Tygra instead of himself. He goes so far as to confront Cheetara about why she was always there for him if Tygra were her choice, to which she answers that Jaga told her specifically to watch over the prince of Thundera no matter what. Lion-O’s rash reaction to her words ultimately leads him into the deadly situation of saving a group of lizards from Mumm-Ra’s forces alone, and more danger emerges with the appearance of two new generals by the names of Addicus and Kaynar. Cheetara and Tygra arrive on the battlefield to assist Lion-O, but the group is quickly overpowered by the new trio of Slithe, Addicus and Kaynar. Fortunately, Panthro arrives just in time with his new robotic arms to save the group from danger.

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This summer it will be two years ago when ThunderCats was surprisingly rebooted as a beautiful reanimated experience for new and old fans. I was personally never too fond of the original series; I believed it was cheesy and weird, and also found it oddly uncomfortable to watch mutant cats running around in strange tights. But I became an immediate fan when I sat down to watch the very first episode of this series, until Cartoon Network unfortunately decided to phase the show off the channel by airing the final episodes on Saturday mornings with no commercials heralding its return. I missed out on the rest of season 1 since college classes were more important than finding out if Lion-O would be cured of his broken heart, but thankfully Adult Swim’s Toonami block intervened with reruns on late Saturday night. Airing at 1 AM and now 1:30 AM may seem unimpressive, but the recent ratings of over a million viewers for this episode back in December indicate many viewers approving of this series returning.

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I found the development with Cheetara’s romance flawed, as there were not enough scenes in prior episodes to indicate that Cheetara held romantic feelings for Tygra. It’s a confusing revelation for Cheetara, who kissed Lion-O on the cheek before he entered the Astral Plane. One could argue it was a sign of simple affection, but there are times when writing should clarify these things rather than leaving them so vague and open. Outside of this, on the bright side we have Addicus and Kaynar, two new villains that even overpower the ThunderCats currently. Addicus is a big gorilla creature, while Kaynar reminds me of the hyenas from Disney’s Lion King.¬† Both characters are definitely well written and establish themselves by defeating the ThunderCats without breaking a sweat; it makes me happy to see new villains that are truly menacing as antagonists rather than being a new grunt of the week. Now Lion-O has to somehow gain the strength to both overcome heartbreak¬† and become a better leader in order to defeat these fierce foes. Though, it was a little bitter to know that he would actually abandon Tygra for the sake of beating down Mumm-Ra’s forces.

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