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ThunderCats (2011) – “Legacy” Recap

by on December 8, 2011

“After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O accidentally powers it up and has his soul sent inside the book itself. He then finds himself stuck in a simulation as his ancestor, Leo.”

After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O accidentally activates it and has his soul sucked inside. Lion-O ends up meeting Jaga’s spirit, who tells him that the book is a fusion of magic and technology. He sends Lion-O into the book’s data of the past, to understand what he truly must find on his journey to defeat Mumm-Ra. Lion-O finds himself in the eyes of his ancestor Leo, the commander of the cats – who are servants of Mumm-Ra. The Mumm-Ra of the past is going after an artifact known as the Warstone, which Lion-O quickly recognizes as the Eye of Thundera. After finding the location of the stone on a local planet, Mumm-Ra sends different animal forces there to recover it. While Lion-O is adjusting to being in Leo’s body a riot suddenly occurs in the prison area, which is subdued by Panthera, Leo’s second-in-command and girlfriend. However Lion-O soon discovers that this is a ruse and that Leo, Panthera and some other rioters are in fact part of a conspiracy to rebel against Mumm-Ra when the time is right. When the Warstone is recovered Leo has his personal mages forge the Sword of Omens with it, intending to use its power against Mumm-Ra rather than hand it over.

When Leo confronts Mumm-Ra, he learns that the villain possesses three other stones besides the Eye of Thundera. Fortunately he’s able to snatch one of them, and the two clash back and forth until Leo forces Mumm-Ra off the ship’s platform. After Leo takes the time to inspire all the animals on the ship to rebel and fight Mumm-Ra returns, but he is overpowered and defeated as Leo uses the power of his stones to overpower Mumm-Ra and take away his other stones. However the battle badly damages the ship, which heads on a crash course toward Third Earth. The now-deformed Mumm-Ra takes advantage of the situation to retreat to his sarcophagus, though Panthera then traps him inside. Leo and Panthera then look out at Third Earth and embrace with a kiss for the future. With that the simulation ends and Lion-O emerges from the book, realizing that his goal is to find the other three stones and unite all the animals once again.

The amount of creativity ThunderCats has amazes me and “Legacy” really impresses with this origin story. When this series started, I always just assumed it was a basic adventure with Third Earth only being the real setting of it all. I was proven very, very wrong due to my lack of knowledge of how far this world of ThunderCats extends. I never thought that this series would go as far as space. The animation and designs were excellent here as well; a lot of the time I couldn’t help but look at all the
amazing space backgrounds, ships and planets on display.

One of the things I’ve been most curious about is where Mumm-Ra comes from. Even though this episode doesn’t reveal that detail, it still explores enough of the past for us to know that he most likely came from a completely different planet. But, the most interesting plot point that moves the main story is the fact that there are actually three stones that go along with the Eye of Thundera. The duel between Leo and Mumm-Ra showed that these stones can transform their user into armored, empowered warriors and that entire fight is probably the best and most original action we’ve gotten out of the series so far. I really can’t wait until the series reaches the point when all the stones have been found, thus allowing the fighting to get more heavy like what we’ve seen here.

The only downside with this episode is that it makes you wonder
more about what happened in the past. I actually preferred Leo and all of the other
characters more than most of our main cast, oddly enough. However, this plot
gives me hope that ThunderCats is going to become something much
bigger than what it seems to be in the current storyline right now.

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