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ThunderCats (2011) – “Forest Of Magi Oar” Recap

by on November 13, 2011


After reaching the Forest of Magi Oar, the Thundercats end up meeting Wood Forgers who “suffer” a crisis against a monster bird named Viragor. Meanwhile, Lion-O begins to wonder why he can’t suddenly use the Sword of Omens.

After reaching the Forest of Magi Oar, Lion-O talks with Tygra about his frustrations about the Sword of Omens not completely working with him. Tygra quips that Lion-O simply might not be the right person for the sword, but goes on to say that he shouldn’t lose hope and believe in himself the way Cheetara believes in him. Lion-O adds fuel to the campfire, but the firewood proves to be unordinary when spirits suddenly appear to attack them. After the Thundercats realize they cannot defeat the spirits they are rescued by the the guardians of the forest, the Wood Forgers, warriors with a special skill in using paper magic for combat abilities. The Wood Forgers take Lion-O and co back to their home where they have a paper mill set up and explain to Lion-O about a monster bird known as Viragor.

The Thundercats decide to come to their aid when the paper mill is attacked by Viragor, but Cheetara loses her staff in the process and Lion-O is captured by Viragor. But Lion-O soon learns that the bird beast is the true victim. Viragor explains to Lion-O that the Wood Forgers are only guests of the forest, and are slowly destroying it by cutting down so many trees to power their magic. Lion-O also concludes that the reason why he couldn’t use the Sword of Omens before was that it can only be used against evil, meaning that the forest spirits and Viragor himself are truly good. Lion-O goes back to where the Wood Forgers are with Viragor and tells the Thundercats the truth about what’s really going on. The Thundercats clash with the Wood Forgers, and thanks to his strong will Lion-O is able to defeat their leader. At the end of the episode, Lion-O uses the sight beyond sight ability one more time and is confident he can now find the first stone at the elephant temple.

Every series at least has one episode that feels somewhat unnecessary, and “Forest Of Magi Oar” does; it’s pretty much here for more character growth than plot progression, putting aside the ending. Lion-O ends up losing the power to use the Sword of Omens and begins to question himself….again. It’s not that I don’t like Lion-O getting development, but I felt like this character development about his specific issues with using the Sword of Omens was almost repackaged from the previous episode. Not to mention it doesn’t help that Lion-O ends up mastering his “Sight beyond sight” ability here in almost the same way the Elephants tried to teach him last time. 

While this episode wasn’t truly needed, it was a great and very entertaining watch. What I really enjoyed about this episode was certain animation aspects. The whole flight scene when Lion-O was riding Viragor and dodging the many attacks from the head general of the Wood Forgers was beautiful and very well done. I even liked all animation art put into the Wood Forgers’ paper abilities. Another thing I liked was the foreshadowing between Lion-O and Tygra. Their whole conversation during their interaction at the camp fire really does hint that they might end up fighting soon. Tygra hinted jealously towards Lion-O that he gets so much of Cheetara’s praise; that could contribute to this future conflict between them.

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