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ThunderCats (2011) – “Berbils” Recap

by on October 29, 2011

“While trying to repair the Thundertank yet again, The Thundercats end up encountering small robotic bears by the name of “Berbils” who are kind enough to help them with their food issues and repairs. However, it’s soon revealed that these adorable little friendly robotic bears are being hunted down by a local slave trader named “Conquedor” who attacks the Berbil Village…”
The Thundercats end up encountering robotic bears called “Berbils”; who are friendly enough to repair the Thundertank and even try improving it. While enjoying the Berbils’ hospitality, the Thundercats end up finding out that the Berbils are being hunted down for slavery by a local slave trader named “Conquedor” who attacks the village.  Lion-O and co end up fending off the the Slave Traders, but one of the Berbils named “Ro-Bear-Bill” ends up getting injured during the battle. Thanks to Panthro and the Berbils’ expertise in technolog they are able to repair Ro-Bear-Bill, who tells Lion-O that more of his family are still captured by the slave traders at a local auction. Lion-O and the rest of the Thundercats jump into action and easily take down the Slave Traders thanks to a great team up with the Berbils. At the end of the episode, Panthro begins to bond with Ro-Bear-Bill and even shares a heart warming hug and laugh of friendship after finding out that the Thundertank now has a brand new engine.

The ThunderCats series has great things going for it with the amazing environments and species it introduces with each episode. I’ve never have seen the classic series, so all of this world and its creatures are even more new to me than to some. What made this episode so well done was the beautiful animation, the very fun character interactions, and just how the new areas we get to see are designed. I never had the slightest thought that this series could keep making each new area (such as The Berbil Village) in this world even more interesting and beautiful than the last.  The character interactions were also downright hilarious, from WilyKit and WilyKat’s mad addiction to the “Candy Fruit” to Ro-Bear-Bill wanting a big hug from Panthro.

The entire battle with the Slave Traders was completely action packed, and we got to see more of what the Thundertank and Thundercats can really do.  Panthro’s character development was absolutely gold here and he really makes this series even more enjoyable. Ultimately, this series is getting better and this is the first time where I felt like I couldn’t wait for the next episode to air. The only possible flaw with this episode is that you will probably want to hug a Berbil very badly after watching it.

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