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Three New Fourth Generation Pokémon Revealed

by on March 4, 2006

Last month, Nintendo revealed a new Pokémon, Manaphy, who is a legendary in the upcoming Pokémon Diamond/Pearl video games for the Nintendo DS, and the star of the 9th Pokémon movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy. When Manaphy was revealed, three other Pokémon were shadowed out, promised to be revealed later on.

Well, they have been now. According to Bulbanews, one of the three shadowed Pokémon is Tamata, which is the pre-evolution of Mantine. The other two are Buizeru, a two-tailed fox-like Pokémon, and Perappu, a colorful parrot-type Pokémon. All three are scheduled to appear in the upcoming movie, though their role is unknown. Bulbanews also has pictures of the three new Pokémon.

In other Movie 9 news, two of the actors for the Japanese version have been announced. Popular Japanese blogger Kaori Manabe will play the role of a descendant of the people of the water, who are linked to Manaphy. Her character is also the star of an underwater Pokémon show. Hiroshi Fujioka (better known as Kamen Rider 1 in Japan) will also play the captain of the pirates, the main villian of the film.

The official site for the Japanese version can be viewed here.

Source: Bulbanews

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