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Three-Disc "Spider-Man" Set Fails To Please

by on May 21, 2004

Sony has decided to unleash two different double dips for their favourite cash cow, Spider-Man. This release is the same two-disc set which first saw the light of day way back in September 2002, but Sony has added exclusive third disc. In an effort which was presumably aimed to annoy thier fanbase, a Superbit of Spider-Man was also released. Instead of giving us a Superbit with a new commentary and an exclusive third disc, they want us to buy the same film twice, three times if you already own it.

The film itself, starring Tobey Macguire as the teenager bitten by a genetically altered spider who becomes a superhero, is an outstanding translation of the comic, but most of you will have seen the film to make your own opinion on it.

Double dipping on DVDs has always caused problems. There are three different types of crowds: those who will buy anything a company throws at them due to their love for the film, those who refuse to re-purchase any DVD, and those who wonder about it until the day the disc is released.

They aren’t especially bad, and are actually informative and enjoyable. But they are simply too short to be considered great. My favourite is the costume design featurette, which explains how they translated the red and blue spandex suit of the comics to the silver screen; it also shows a few preliminary tests of Tobey McGuire in the suit. It also describes how the designers adapted the Green Goblin costume, with Willem Dafoe offering his opinion on the suit and describing the restrictions the costume put on his acting.

The rest of the features are basically throwaways which, quite honestly, should have been available on the first disc. The “Behind The Scenes Of Spider-Man 2” feature isn’t much better, with those involved merely talking about how the sequel is going to be much better than the original.

Rounding off the disc are trailers for Hellboy, Spider-Man 2 (a teaser only), and a demo for the upcoming video game based upon the forthcoming movie. This last is actually the best part of this disc. Players can swing through New York whilst maintaining safety on the streets and fighting The Rhino.

The set reeks of incredible laziness. We could have had a nicely packaged set instead of a cardboard cover. We could have had a new commentary, which many fans were pleading for after the first was described as “uninteresting back patting.” And we still don’t get any deleted scenes.

This cheap-ass set is just an attempt to wring money out of the fanbase without giving away anything of value. Ignore it. Boycott it. Tell the studios that they need to put more effort into their re-releases.

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