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“Thor: God of Thunder” Nintendo Wii Launch Trailer and Brief Thoughts

by on May 5, 2011

Thor: God of Thunder recently hit the current generation systems and we have the launch trailer for the Wii right here.

I recently had a little bit of hands on time with the Wii game and had fun playing through a couple of levels. The gameplay was more aggressive than I expected. The graphics were surprisingly tight, especially considering it’s on the system that’s not as well known for it’s visuals. 

The game’s battle system is based around the concept of allowing for both button mashing and more complex moves and combos. In addition to standard hits and jumps, using the remote and nunchuk allows you access to melee, wind, fire and lightning attacks. As you increase your hit counter, more powerful moves open up to you. There are also flying levels in which you’ll have the option of button mashing against single enemies or waving your remote across the screen to target multiple enemies. 

Within the game, you’ll be able to unlock collectibles, including costumes. I played as Thor with the Kirby costume, which I believe is unlocked after you beat the game. Extras and unlockables include collectible art, motion comics (which were pretty), and an episode of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes.

Kudos to the guys at Red Fly Studios for putting together what looks to be a pretty cool game.

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