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"The Simpsons: Gone Wild" is Pointle– oh, why do I even bother.

by on April 18, 2005

The Simpsons: Gone Wild is another installment in Fox’s single-disc Simpsons releases, proving that even if you’re making loads off of the season sets, you can always go for more with trivial single-discs that make your customers buy the episodes twice.

Yes, this DVD was released way back in September of last year. You may be wondering why I’m even reviewing this and I can only answer you: I wanted to complain about it. I was given the chance to review it and review it I shall, even if it’s just a long list of complaints.

This disc collects four episodes, two of which are already released in the season sets, all following a “party” theme. It’s classic Simpsons—lots of laughs and sight gags, complete with the wonderful voices we’ve grown to love. The only episode on the disc that failed to deliver was “The Mansion Family,” which seemed to drop each and every joke it played out.

Of course you have to ask yourself—do you really want to pay for four single episodes and a pointless “featurette” (Krusty the Klown footage spliced into a two-minute montage)? The answer, of course, is “no.” Fox is just trying to cash in on the release and nothing more; but who can blame them? It’s The Simpsons and it’s still extremely popular. Well, let me answer that: I can blame them.

Video quality is the same as previous releases; the final two episodes obviously featured much cleaner transfers since they were much newer, showing off the Simpsons in nice, pristine DVD clarity. Audio is strong as well.

Special features? Not on this disc. We have four episodes, one extremely poor menu layout and the aforementioned two-minute Krusty the Klown featurette with spliced footage, annoying “Applause” sign, and same laugh track inserted in between each bit. I won’t deny I didn’t laugh throughout it—but it’s hardly worth purchasing the disc.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, this release is pointless, much like this review of a six-month old DVD. Don’t bother looking at it or picking it up, as it is a giant waste of your time.

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