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The Problem Solverz – “Tux Dog’s Island” Recap

by on September 29, 2011

“After solving a particularly difficult problem, Tux Dog invites the Problem Solverz to his personal island resort in order to relax for a while.  However, when Horace can’t stand the peaceful nature of the island, he decides to look for a problem and inadvertently wakes up the sleeping frost giant, Ymir.  Now, Horace must find a way to put the frost giant back to sleep, although his task is proven more difficult when Alfe and Roba refuse to interrupt their vacation.”

This episode posed an interesting question: what is it that Problem Solverz do when there are no problems to solve?  If the problem defines the existence of the solver, then can the solver function in the absence of the problem?  It is an interesting question, as to a Problem Solver, a lack of problems is a problem in and of itself.  I almost wonder if the episode would have been better served if it had focused on that, showing us more of how torn up Horace was over the lack of problems on the island, but the episode that we got was one of the funniest episodes of the show that I’ve seen.  Horace, believing that a dusty hotel door is a sign of trouble, charges into it only to awaken the frost giant, Ymir, from Nordic lore.  It’s such a twist and one that wouldn’t work for most shows, but as I said in last week’s recap, Problem Solverz embraces the weird unlike any other show on television and they made the plot work wonderfully for it.

The comedy in this episode was great.  A lot of the humor came quickly, but the best part was easily the running gag when a man’s face melted off.  It was hilarious the first time and it was hilarious the second time, but when his face melted off after everybody was celebrating, when the day had been saved, it was one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in quite some time.  The only part of the humor that I didn’t like was the use of toilet humor, which is something that I complained about in earlier episodes of the show.  I think the show can be very funny without resorting to such things, but I digress.  Regarding the plot, I didn’t particularly like how Alfe and Roba refused to help solve the problem; I know it added to the humor, as seeing them get in a conga line while being digested in a monster’s stomach is an unusual sight to behold, but that stubbornness is a cliché that I’ve seen in episodes of other shows and it always bothered me – albeit not enough to dislike this episode.  I’m not sure how many episodes are left after this, but I sincerely hope that there are more problems to be solved in the future.

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