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The Problem Solverz – “Problem Solverz Academy” Recap

by on September 16, 2011

“The Problem Solverz must go back to school when they fail to solve a problem, but when their team dynamics get shaken up by a drill instructor, who labels Horace the dorky kid and Roba the cool kid, they must deal with their new realities and still pass training or risk being banned from Problem Solving forever.”

I’ve never particularly liked role-reversal episodes.  More often than not, they follow the same pattern: an unpopular character suddenly becomes popular, forsaking their friends in the process, only to learn their lesson at the end of the episode and help save the day.  Well, “Problem Solverz Academy” did just that.  I understand what the show was trying to do and I give it credit for changing the dynamics of things, even if only for one episode, but this cliché has been done so many times and it would have been nice to see them put more of a spin on it.  I also believe that it would have made more sense, and been a bolder move, if Alfe had been the one labeled a dork.  He and Roba are the ones who are truly opposites and often antagonize one another, and seeing him struggle for a change by not being “awesome” would have been a welcome change of pace.  Instead, they chose to have him become obsessed with the military, something that contributed very little to the plot.

I do like how the show is trying to take itself more seriously.  This episode delved into the characters’ past and shed some more light on the Problem Solverz as an organization, as well as how our three heroes came to join the Problem Solverz.  It also demonstrated some actual continuity, with K-999 making his return by traveling to the Problem Solverz Academy as well in order to renew his license.  I found him less annoying in this episode than he was in his first episode, but his flying method at the end of the episode, farting, did nothing to improve my opinion of him.  The thing that I enjoyed most about this episode was the drill instructor, who I believe had the funniest lines of the night, particularly his remarks about the ferret that broke his heart.  Visually, the episode was as good, or bad, as you should expect from the series by now.  All in all, I liked the episode, but I would have liked to see something like this earlier on in the show’s run.

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