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The Problem Solverz – “Mermaid Raid” Recap

by on September 22, 2011

“The Problem Solverz must rescue a mermaid who is being held captive by evil dolphins, but when Alfe admits that he is afraid of water, they must help him overcome his fear before they can tackle the problem head on.  They soon learn, however, that his fear may not be as genuine as he let on.”

I said in my previous recap that it would have been nice to see Alfe not be “awesome” for a change.  I still believe that would have been the smart thing to do in “Problem Solverz Academy”, but I thought that “Mermaid Raid” would have delivered what that episode couldn’t.  I was really enjoying this episode because of that, but unfortunately, I thought wrong.  Alfe appeared to be afraid of water, showing a side of him that isn’t shown often enough, but then he revealed towards the end of the episode that his fear was nothing more than a ruse and even proudly proclaimed how awesome he was as he was charging the dolphins with his newfound laser vision.  I do not understand Ben Jones’ obsession with Alfe, but it is clear that he is his favorite character and that he just doesn’t want to portray him as anything but awesome.  Because of that, Alfe is my least favorite character.  I always disliked him and this episode represented everything that I dislike about him.

Despite this, the episode did have some things going for it, and they did take a character out of his element who desperately needed it: Tux Dog.  The scenes in which he lost his cool, which is a rare occurrence for him, were something that I appreciated.  He is often shown as being too perfect, always being several steps ahead of the Problem Solverz, so for him to be deceived for once and actually show genuine anger was nice.  The premise for the episode was also delightfully absurd, which is really one of the few areas that the show excels at.  They’re not afraid to be weird and actively embrace weirdness in general, but the show can’t survive on weird alone.  If the show is fortunate enough to get another season, which is doubtful from my perspective because the show doesn’t seem to have the network’s support anymore, I really hope they will try to do something different with Alfe.

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