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The Looney Tunes Show – “You’ve Got Hate Mail” Episode Recap

by on October 25, 2012

Daffy accidentally sends a hateful email to almost everybody he knows. 

Get ready to hold onto your seats for the big surprise of…..yet another Daffy episode. This time, Daffy gets himself into a tangled mess when he accidentally sends a detailed hateful message to practically everybody he knows. Conceptually, it was pretty funny to have Daffy’s stubborn attitude reflected back against him when almost everybody hates him because of the email. It was even more glorious to see the duck resort to running to Porky for help, only to be rejected with the response “Now you want my help!? Your on your own!”.  We also see a humorous change when Yosemite Sam receives the email and shockingly changes his ways, at least until the end when he gets sick of being nice. Afterwards, the plot runs its course when Daffy finally gets Porky to help him break into Tina’s house so he can delete the message before she can see it.

Bugs’ story, on the other hand, involves him breaking his tooth after promising Lola that he would be in her family picture. Unlike in Bobcats On Three, Bugs is a fun character here as he goes about devising a chaotic plan to make sure he gets into Lola’s picture when she finds him to now be too ugly to be in it.

This episode had two quality stories had enough entertaining moments, but there is a major critical flaw that needs to be addressed. I feel that while Daffy’s story was indeed funny, it was also a little bit too out of character for him. Daffy Duck has always been characterized as a selfish and prideful duck, so I don’t really see him being the type of guy who would regret sending this kind of a message. It’s a stretch that would he feel regret about this when he naturally treats all of the other characters like trash in practically every episode.

A better approach this story could have been along the lines of Porky being the one to accidentally send a hateful message meant for Daffy, out of frustration at being treated horribly by the duck’s  antics. For crying out loud, the  poor pig lost his entire savings and his own kidney for the sake of helping out Daffy, who treats him more like a butler than any type of friend. Rather than resorting to the most humorous tool in the drawing board,  there should be more thought on what characters can best fit each storyline. Daffy is indeed funny, but the many plots centralized around him are starting to backfire and make the writing team look uncreative and repetitive.

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