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The Looney Tunes Show – “Working Duck” Recap

by on November 2, 2011


“After falling asleep during work hours, Daffy ends up fired from his job as a security guard. After he informs Bugs, the wabbit in anger kicks him out of his house. Daffy is then forced to get a job as a Muffin salesman at a local company where he eventually meets his boss..Foghorn Leghorn”

Part of what makes this show decent in the first place is Daffy. It doesn’t matter if a episode is retreads old material or fails to hit the beats it needs to in order to be truly great, Daffy always has me chuckling at t
he nonsense he pulls. Since this is an episode that’s all about Daffy; I thought it was well done. You have Daffy who after losing his job due to laziness, ends up becoming a muffin salesman. Soon enough he insults his boss, who also happens to be Foghorn Leghorn. The conflict between Foghorn and Daffy escalated during the course of the episode and it was fun to see them go at it.  My favorite part between them had to be their first interaction about the muffins oddly enough. Foghorn going in so deep in detail about each muffin and Daffy stood their impatiently,  wanting him to pick one already had me laughing inside. And it wasn’t just the whole muffin scenario, it was entertaining just watching how Foghorn kept thinking Daffy was some sort of genius that had the right understanding to keep his company prospering.

Even Bugs, with his small amount of screen time, seemed be more of a return to form. He departed from the typical straight man behavior he’s shown in other episodes of this series. I think the only flaw in this episode was that while most of it flowed really well, the conclusion was forced.  It ends with Daffy screwing up one of his big job decisions which while it was really funny, it didn’t really give you that feeling that the episode was being brought to its conclusion. I think it would of been better if it had Daffy’s bad decision near the beginning of the second half of the episode and then give more time to have a resolution to where he loses his job and returns things to normal than have the episode cram it all in at the last minute. Overall, a great episode full of muffins for your picking.

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