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The Looney Tunes Show – “The DMV” Recap

by on September 26, 2011

running a stop sign while taking Bugs to the movies, Daffy must now take a driving test in order to obtain a new driver’s license. The exact same thing ends up happening
to Lola, who also lacks a driver’s license, and Porky, who
was caught talking on the phone while driving. Even if they
do somehow pass their written test, they’ll still have to deal with the driving instructor, Yosemite Sam… “

You know, what I really like about this series is that it can introduce some pretty funny plot ideas. Unfortunately, “The DMV” seems like an idea that was much better written on paper. This episode is all about Daffy, Lola, and Porky trying to regain their driver licenses at the DMV. One of my biggest issues with this episode is I felt Lola was a bit unnecessary. I like her character a lot and she has some pretty fun moments in the series, but it felt like the writers only put her in this episode because she’s the air head of the series and thus putting her in a driving episode automatically makes it funny for them. I think it would have been better if the writers put more development and interaction between Porky and Daffy instead of squeezing Lola into the story. I didn’t really like Bugs’ sub plot of wanting a ride home as it just seemed odd and pointless and a waste of time. What I wish the writers had done was have Bugs lose his license as well so he, Daffy, and Porky could have had more interaction. 

Daffy was the most fun in of the episode with his general lack of understanding when it comes to the law and etc. Other great moments included one early in the episode where he ends dressing up as a school girl to get into the local movie theater, and another where he attempts to force Bugs wear a diaper because “babies get in free”. A bonus in this episode is Yosemite Sam appearing yet again as a driving instructor who claims he is “the toughest instructor” but ends up being hilariously bad at his job. 

Overall, this episode isn’t great and I would have loved more character development and interaction with the characters instead of just a random episode with not much to deliver besides a few jokes here and there. This series has a very hard time achieving that Looney Tunes level of humor and only seems to succeed in very rare moments. I will admit I do enjoy the voice acting in this series a whole lot. Jeff Bergman plays both Bugs and Daffy pretty dang well and makes the show at least somewhat enjoyable.  Overall, the episode idea had promise, but the execution was off.

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