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The Looney Tunes Show – “That’s My Baby” Episode Recap

by on March 15, 2012

Daffy has to go through babysitting Tina’s nephew while she is out working. Meanwhile, Bugs tries to teach Porky about how not to get ripped off by every upsell that he encounters.

While the story of “That’s My Baby” is a pretty funny concept, I can’t help seeing it as a bit of a bore in practice. In this episode Daffy has to babysit Tina’s nephew; as he does, in his own way he begins to understand what it means to be a parent. Meanwhile, Bugs realizes that Porky is falling for every upsell that a business offers him.

The writers depicted Daffy’s babysitting nicely by having him perform the most absurd tasks for what he thinks a baby wants. He feeds him clam juice, takes him to the movies and generally ignores all the real parental responsibilities. The plot is the usual ten minutes of Daffy’s stupidity, mixed with some heartwarming moments this time around.

As mentioned, Bugs’ half of the episode revolves around him trying to help Porky not get ripped off by upsells, extras that stores and restaurants include to tempt their customers into paying more money. I think the idea had promise, but I really just wanted to say “I get it..Porky is a gullible pig”. The concept of Porky falling for every single deal no matter what is funny, but the joke is overdone it to the point that it becomes stale and the writing just looks lazy. I admit though that I did laugh when Porky finally stopped being gullible, only to refuse to buy car insurance out of skepticism and end up seeing his car destroyed by the end of the episode.

“That’s my Baby” isn’t bad, but it’s also just not that interesting. A first-time watcher of “The Looney Tunes Show” would most likely find it to be rather fun, while viewers like me who tune in for each new episode are liable to say “Been there, done that”.

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