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The Looney Tunes Show – “Sunday Night Slice” Recap

by on March 15, 2012

Bugs thinks back to the time when Speedy Gonzales started the Pizzariba.

“Sunday Night Slice” explains how Speedy Gonzales started the Pizzariba, beginning with Bugs flashing back to when he tried opening his own pizza joint with Daffy, Marvin Martian, Porky and Pete Puma as his employees.  The basic concept was a very fun one; the writers definitely had the right idea putting these characters together and having fun with their personalities. Daffy and Pete Puma take most of the comedic moments, ruining the business with their usual types of stupidity. The best laugh I got out of all that was Daffy interviewing Marvin for a job position, only to get himself zapped by Marvin’s laser gun. In the end, Bugs requests for Speedy Gonzales to help him with his pizza joint and eventually he gives him the entire restaurant. The conclusion ends with a good laugh that involves Daffy driving around with a tank to shoot out pizzas that needed to be delivered throughout the neighborhood.

The biggest issue I had with this particular story is that I don’t think the writers took full advantage of the characters that were involved. Most of the humor came from Daffy and that’s always a joy, but plot ideas full of potential like this one that get weighed down by other characters who just aren’t doing much. It might be about time for the writers to finally take a few big risks and try giving less important characters much more comedic spotlight than usual in order to flesh them out and make them much more enjoyable.

That aside, I found this episode to simply be just all right. The best aspect for me was how it allowed Speedy to be more involved with the cast, which helps because just seeing Bugs and Daffy supporting the story can get rather stale. In the end, “Sunday Night Slice” is a slice of material that felt rather undercooked.

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