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The Looney Tunes Show – “Reunion” Recap

by on December 16, 2011

Bugs decides to help Daffy better himself before his big class reunion. But, Daffy decides instead to lie about his life to his old classmates due to feeling like he hasn’t accomplished anything.

Daffy Duck has always been known to be a very absurd character who is full of selfish motives and holds tons of comedic value. While I’m not the biggest fan of his characterization in this particular show, I do like how in “Reunion” we get to truly understand what his life was like in High School.  The episode revolves around Daffy being extremely nervous about his High School Reunion due to feeling like he is a complete failure and has accomplished nothing. We get a series of flashbacks about Daffy claiming he was a football player, popular, and that he hooked up with all the cheerleaders.  But the sad reality is that Daffy was actually a nerd who was rejected by his fellow classmates and was even bullied by Porky Pig.

I personally enjoyed the idea of the plot because it helps us look at Daffy in another perspective than the typical jerk who is just meant to keep the show funny. Because of this, we can understand why Daffy acts so absurd. This even gives us insight that Porky wasn’t always just the happy and gullible pig that we know him to be.

The comedic value was only at its best with Daffy’s High school flashbacks involving him, Porky, Marvin Martian, and Pete Puma. Every other comedic scene was mediocre at best. The only other moment in this episode that had me slightly chuckling was Bugs obsessing about going to High School and that he was able to gain so many achievements in his life without having to get a education. But those few comedic moments only make me wonder how much better this episode could have been if it was just a bit more creative. 

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