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The Looney Tunes Show – “Peel of Fortune” Recap

by on February 24, 2012

 Realizing that Bugs earns all of his money from an invention he made, Daffy decides to make an even better invention so he can become rich.

“Peel of Fortune” is a pretty standard sitcom plot idea, but it’s still fun.  Daffy tries to become rich by creating an invention, but in the end he steals one of Bugs’ ideas and starts making loads of cash. Because of this, their roles begin to change as Daffy becomes rich and Bugs starts losing money to support the house. The execution in this episode was great and while Daffy’s stupidity is good for a laugh, I personally just liked seeing him being clever and cheating his way to gaining loads of cash. Because of Daffy’s rise in fortune Bugs is eventually forced to stay inside a rabbit hole, like in the old cartoon shorts.

The character interactions were also pretty solid. I enjoyed seeing Bugs having to sell his massage chair to Yosemite Sam, who simply leaves it outside. I did think the idea of Daffy trying to invent different things that have already been invented was too much of a common gag in cartoons, but it was still funny. While Bugs inventing a time machine to fix all the chaos at the end was a bit too convenient, it fortunately works since the Looney Tunes series is so absurd. It’s an enjoyable twist also, as in the end Bugs created the one machine that Daffy always wanted to invent.

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