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The Looney Tunes Show – “Off Duty Cop” Recap

by on October 26, 2011


After being fed up with who he thought was his hero, Daffy puts it upon himself to become Steve St. James aka the main character of a 70s sitcom “Off Duty Cop” with Porky being his chauffeur.  Meanwhile, Bugs is told by his doctor that he needs to stop drinking coffee due to the amount of caffeine inside of him. Yosemite Sam ends up selling Bugs a caffeine-free coffee drink called Spargle that at first looked like a great alternative but begins to turn Bugs…a bit too looney…

Bugs Bunny has always been my least favorite character in this series at times, due to how slightly different he acts compared to his classic cartoon short characterization. However, I was actually very surprised that Bugs was pretty funny and the writers actually had the plot and execution working this time. In this episode we see Bugs suffering from a very bad addiction that at first just makes him hyperactive, but completely crazy later on. While I can’t say Bugs was completely acting like he should be in this series, I do think the writers at least found something that can make him work as the straight man and also bring out his looney attitude. Even in the beginning of the episode before Bugs is put off of coffee, I couldn’t help but smile at seeing Bugs screaming for his life and overreacting in a hilarious manner before the doctor could tell him what was actually wrong.


Another part of this episode revolves around Daffy and Porky acting like two characters from a 70s sitcom called “Off Duty Cop”.  I really, really liked how they got Daffy and Porky teaming up, as it’s something I always kept wishing would happen in this series. You have Daffy playing as this “hardcore” cop and arresting all these random people minding their own business, and then you have Porky being the chauffeur and breaking the law (such as when he parks on the street). What made this episode probably the best yet was just that we finally got two great conflicts going on that eventually come together, and it actually works actually pretty dang well. Overall, this was by far one of the best episodes that has aired so far.  Bravo writers, bravo.

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