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The Looney Tunes Show – “Newspaper Thief” Episode Recap

by on March 13, 2012

After finding out that his morning newspaper is missing, Daffy comes to the conclusion that one of the neighbors has stolen it.

“Newspaper Thief” is another Daffy-centric episode that is definitely fun. Of course I’m not exactly a fan of Daffy hogging a lot of the episodes, but sadly he’s the one of the only characters that that is written almost truthfully to his old cartoon short characterization.

The plot revolves around Daffy finding out that his newspaper is missing, and thus he automatically comes to the conclusion that somebody must have stolen it. Daffy then decides to seek advice from Porky Pig and gets the idea to create a plan to find the the thief at Bugs’ dinner party. Meanwhile, Bugs is having this dinner party in the first place so Daffy can apologize to
all of the neighbors for his rude behavior in the neighborhood.

My favorite moment has to be the many flashbacks of Daffy
bothering his neighbors throughout different holidays. It had me
laughing pretty hard when it showed Daffy releasing a huge cage of rats
into the entire neighborhood because he thought it would be the best way
to celebrate Columbus day. I do get a bit worried that the writers are
flaunting Daffy’s stupidity a bit too much, though honestly they can make that side to him very funny when they execute it correctly. I also give a major thumbs up to the fact that Daffy actually went to Porky for advice, which gives two more of a friendship in this particular episode.

One aspect that I just loved was that the writers finally brought all of the neighbors together into a comedic conflict. The downfall is that they didn’t take any risks with that idea, mostly using Daffy for all the jokes. How can you not think an explosion or something chaotic will occur when you bring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Granny, Witch Lezah, Gossamer, and Yosemite Sam into the same room together? Beyond their obviously looney designs, the writing makes these characters bland by trying too hard to make their personalities realistic. I was waiting for this dinner party to end with looney bang, yet instead we just got the neighbors randomly accepting Daffy and having an incredibly cheesy sitcom laugh at the end.
I can’t help but wonder how much better this episode would have been if the characterizations were more loyal to the old cartoon shorts.

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