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The Looney Tunes Show – “Monster Talent” Recap

by on December 8, 2011

“Daffy gets instructed by Witch Lezah to help Gossamer make friends. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes a huge celebrity after starring in Speedy Gonzales’ frozen pizza commercial.”

This episode introduced Witch Lezah and Gossamer into this series…with a twist. They aren’t exactly true to their old characterizations. Witch Lezah is now a very loving mother who just happens to be a witch while Gossamer is now a monster with a childish personality, making him less threatening. Thankfully, this change in personalities isn’t bad and Daffy’s side of the plot nicely shows why. Daffy takes it upon himself to help Gossamer make friends and be impressive at the school talent show, and the interactions between them are chuckle-worthy at the very least. Daffy messes up by trying to teach Gossamer to dance and other things that Gossamer doesn’t like at all, while Gossmer’s portrayal as an odd-looking monster just wanting to be liked is a silly idea that fits the series well. The concept if Daffy teaching a child to be more popular is a fun and absurd idea, given Daffy’s naturally selfish and clueless personality. The second half of the episode has to do with Bugs gaining popularity
from starring in Speedy Gonzales’ frozen pizza commercial. It was a
simply decent plot that had a handful of fun ideas, such as Porky’s
camera shyness getting him cut from the commercial and Bugs’ simple “I
like it” catchphrase catching on with Speedy and other people.

One of my usual complaints with The Looney Tunes Show is that it doesn’t use the characters it has in its basket to the full
extent. Thankfully the additions made by “Monster Talent” are enjoyable, and I think this route is needed to make the show more interesting and much less stale. If the writers can just keep introducing familiar faces from the cartoon shorts and integrate them into storylines well, this show can be better than just decent comedic fare.

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