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The Looney Tunes Show – “Members Only” Recap

by on October 13, 2011

“Daffy manages to sneak his way into an exclusive country club using another member’s number and brings Bugs as his guest. While playing Tennis with Daffy, Bugs meets Lola and decides to ask her out on a date. However, Bugs soon begins to realize that he trapped himself in an inescapable relationship and begins to learn that Lola is actually extremely clingy and airheaded.  Can Bugs escape from this relationship before the wedding bells begin to ring?”

This episode is of note because it introduces Lola Bunny to The Looney Tunes Show universe. Lola made her first appearance in the movie Space Jam and was a member of the Baby Looney Tunes cast.  Sadly, I think the writers took a wrong turn with her character in this series. Space Jam Lola was more serious and flirty, while in this show she is very, very airheaded.  It’s not as terrible as it could have been, there were plenty of jokes with Lola in this episode that were funny. But as I mentioned in the episode recap of”Best Buddies”, sometimes changing the personality of a character isn’t a good idea as it changes the chemistry and not for the better. Not to mention I think classic Bugs Bunny could of easily got out of this relationship.

Daffy was the only character who kept this episode going for me and he didn’t even play a large role. Daffy Duck is probably the only character so far in this series who lives up to one of his two classic personalities. He still acts selfish, jokey and keeps any scene he’s in moving. How Daffy sneaks into the country club and finally ends up stealing one of the member’s numbers shows that he can be his clever, classic cartoon self. Bugs on the other hand is only half of his character from the classic cartoon shorts. He’s still bright, but is too much the straight man of the series and less sardonic and playful. Based on their ability to capture the essence of the characters they’re working with, I would rather watch “The Daffy Show” than The Looney Tunes Show. Overall, an average episode with plenty of flaws sticking out that are sharp as thorns. 

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