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The Looney Tunes Show – “Jailbird and Jailbunny” Recap

by on October 19, 2011

“While on a excursion to the Grand Canyon, Daffy is caught littering and ends up getting himself and Bugs sent to court for refusing to pay the fine. Due to Daffy’s bickering on the matter and fighting with Bugs during the court session, they both end up getting thrown in jail on contempt of court charges…”


As I have briefly mentioned in previous episode recaps of this show, the writers seem to always have a great plot idea but a very poor execution. Thankfully however, this episode actually was pretty good to my surprise. The episode revolves around Bugs and Daffy not only being thrown into jail, but also getting chained together. The biggest blessing from this episode was probably the fact that Bugs was finally decently acting like his old cartoon short characterization. One example of this in particular involves Bugs having a wonderful time messing around with the other jail prisoners, who are shown to be large and massive. I also liked how Bugs and Daffy had opposite objectives, which led to more humorous interaction later on. While Bugs wanted to stay in prison for his personal enjoyment, Daffy was scared to death and wanted no part of being in the Big House anymore. I think the golden part of this episode, however, had to be the last half; Bugs and Daffy end up breaking out of jail, changing their looks, and getting a job at a local diner to avoid the cops. For a show that acts more like a sitcom than a Looney Tunes show, I was impressed that they were able to drag out the plot long enough in a great comedic fashion without making things stale.

This episode also introduces Porky Pig into the series as a witness during the trial that Bugs and Daffy have to get through at the beginning of the episode. Compared to how badly they handled Lola in this series, I was very pleased to find out that Porky hasn’t changed that much at all from his classic short characterization. As for the overall flaws, there wasn’t that much thankfully. The series still seems to rely on Daffy for most of its funny moments, but at least Bugs wasn’t completely the straight man this time and more of the loveable trickster he was known to be. Overall, this is a decent episode that flies well with only a few easily ignorable flaws.

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