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The Looney Tunes Show – “French Fries” Recap

by on November 10, 2011

Daffy vows to never speak to Porky again after his former-friend eats his fries. Meanwhile, after losing his chances to go to the big football play-offs, Bugs tries to get himself in anyway by using Yosemite Sam, who is in the running to win one million dollars.

What happens when you get a “fight” episode between Daffy and Porky? You get an average episode that is as simple as the episode title sounds. This episode’s main conflict revolves around Daffy getting upset at Porky for eating one of his fries. I do think it’s in Daffy’s character to over exaggerate things, but I couldn’t help but to find the plot idea to be somewhat lazy and stale. Porky and Bugs try to explain to Daffy that he thought the fries were for everybody, but Daffy being his usual stubborn self has no interest in forgiving him. For some reason I couldn’t help but to think of one of the earlier episodes in the series titled “Newspaper Thief”, which was about Daffy getting upset that somebody must have stole his newspaper because it wasn’t at his front door. The series already has shown enough of Daffy jumping to conclusions and automatically blaming others without considering the big picture, which makes this episode more of an exercise.

What bothers me the most about this type of episode is that Daffy has had a lot focus on his character this season. I’m not sure if the writers are just too scared to use Bugs much more as the main episode focus (he has had spotlight, but not as much as Daffy), or that they just find Daffy to be overall the easiest character to use in this series when it comes down to the episode’s main plot.  Regardless, if this show is really going to be called “The Looney Tunes Show” I think they can at least try to hold it down a bit when it comes to Daffy right now and focus more on using the other characters for the main conflict.

This episode wasn’t bad at all though. I enjoyed Bugs’ selfish goal of wanting to go to the Football game instead of really deeply caring about Porky and Daffy. Not to mention I always get a good chuckle out of Yosemite Sam, who in this episode is trying to get better at kicking so he can score a field goal at a Football game in order to win one million dollars. Except, Sam ends up breaking windows and gets tricked by Bugs (to get into the Football game); making plenty of laughs.  To conclude, my only real complaint is that I feel like the series relies on Daffy a little too much. Hopefully the writers will continue to grow with this series and expand on other great Looney Tunes characters who are waiting to be focused on.

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