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The Looney Tunes Show – “Fish and Visitors” Recap

by on December 2, 2011

“After having his solar powered electricity shut down at his home, Yosemite Sam decides to depend on Bugs and Daffy to the point that it drives them both insane.”

This is the very episode that introduces Yosemite Sam into this show and it ends up doing a pretty good job. Sam ends up having a whole clever plan about using solar powered electricity instead of paying his electric bills. However, his plan ends up completely backfiring because a endless season of rain starts to occur and he loses all the sunlight power in his house. Thus Sam begins to cling onto Bugs and Daffy, who are just trying to enjoy their peaceful lives at home. 

This was probably the first episode that really nailed the idea on how to write a good comedic script while executing it in a decent fashion. The entire conflict just has to do with Sam bugging Bugs and Daffy to the point where he even starts taking over their own home.  The highlights of this episode consist of Sam bringing in his new married wife, hunting ghosts, the awkward silence when Sam is waiting for his microwaved dinner, Sam taking all the beds for himself, and Bugs and Daffy teaming up to get rid of him. This is how the show should be written: not too complicated but still full of great fun to follow along with.

That said, one of the weakest points about this show is that it lacks much of the fun and charisma that other Looney Tunes animation has. This show right now is literally Daffy being selfish and Bugs being more normal than witty.

Having a character like Yosemite Sam here not only gives the series more material to go with, but also fleshes the characters out and helps them act more like themselves. I still don’t agree with the idea of this show being a Looney Tunes sitcom, but I will admit that it does the concept justice when the writing is clear and the characters can just be themselves in the most looney way possible. Though, I think Bugs could have easily kicked out Sam if he was much closer to his old cartoon short characterization. The Bugs in the cartoon shorts was easily able to outsmart Sam by tricking him to fall off stairs, pirate ships, and even cliffs. While this episode sadly doesn’t prove that the series has reached Looney Tunes status, it’s decently fun at least.

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