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The Looney Tunes Show – “Eligible Bachelors” Recap

by on February 24, 2012

“Bugs gets auctioned off to Lola for 100,000 dollars and has to spend an entire day with her. While Bugs is forced to go to Paris with Lola, Daffy begins to learn of Granny’s involvement in World War II”

While the idea of the “Eligible Bachelors” is very creative, I had a very hard time enjoying the substance of this episode. The plot involves Bugs being forced go to Paris with Lola, while Daffy has to help Granny clean up her attic. While cleaning up, Daffy learns of Granny’s involvement in World War II.  Episodes such as this are the reason why a writer really needs to think carefully about what works with a particular show in context and what doesn’t. I’ll admit that Granny’s past life is indeed very intriguing, but in the end it completely kills her character as the random old lady who lives across the street. One of the great things about Granny is that you don’t know who she is, and thus she was more fitting for the looney environment that this show only rarely breaths in. It’s bad enough that Granny’s entire flashback wasn’t even comedy,  it was just a random explanation on her previous occupation and how she meet Tweety. So at the end of the day, it’s really just a waste of time that could have been used for actual laughs. Looney Tunes should never have such serious back stories for characters, as it only ruins the appeal.

“Eligible Bachelors” definitely feels like one of the weakest episodes that was produced. There are many great moments with Bugs and Lola that can be named, such as Lola’s many comments to Bugs about how they should go to other places than Paris and Bugs getting sold in an auction to Lola for 100,000 dollars. And I admit, I did like Daffy’s humorous reactions to Granny’s story. But even so, this episode is extremely stale and it’s comes off as though the writers didn’t try hard enough to make the comedy at least decent. Lola was providing most of the humor with her air-headed personality, but even that’s just not enough.

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