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The Looney Tunes Show – “Casa de Calma” Recap

by on December 28, 2011

“After deciding to go on vacation, Bugs and Daffy go to a resort and begin to fight over a famous actress they see”

“Casa de Calma” can be argued as one of the best episodes that came out of this show at the time it aired, though that doesn’t mean this episode is amazing by any means. For some positive points, the writers really grasped the comedic conflict between Bugs and Daffy when they continue to fight over the famous actress. Bugs showed a much more faithful characterization by expressing his witty attitude of making Daffy suffer, even at times when it wasn’t his full intention. It was also worth a good laugh to see Daffy’s many devious plots to win the heart of the actress backfire, with a result of having him horribly beaten by her bodyguard. At many moments, I felt like I was watching an old Looney Tunes cartoon short.

But as I said, this wasn’t amazingly well done either. The character designs throughout the episode were completely off and just surprisingly ugly. One moment Bugs and Daffy look normal, and then a second later their designs are so small and uninspired that they look like kids. It’s like the artists couldn’t make up their minds on how they wanted the characters to look. This is surprising given how some of the previous episodes at least tried to look very nice, but here I was having a hard time looking at how badly drawn Bugs was at certain scenes (his moments at the beach being the best example). 

In the end, it’s a shame this show couldn’t just be a bunch of random comedic stories like this episode. While the writers may have grasped some great funny moments for the characters, they still only scratched the surface on what Looney Tunes is all about.

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