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The Looney Tunes Show – “Beauty School” Recap

by on November 16, 2011

“After finding out Tina has started going to beauty school, Daffy ends up learning how to cut hair and begins to realize it’s his calling in life. Meanwhile, Bugs ends up agreeing to go to dance classes to help out Porky who only wants to find himself a girlfriend”

I think one of the biggest issues with this series has to be Bugs Bunny, which is ironic since he is usually one of the most beloved characters in all that is Looney Tunes. Bugs has never been the most “looney” in this particular series, as he’s been mostly the straight man with some good funny moments here and there while Daffy usually takes the spotlight. However, this episode the writers finally nailed how to write Bugs’ characterization correctly. The biggest plot gag in this episode was Bugs helping Porky in dance classes. In order to do this though, Bugs is forced to dress up as a woman and as a result Speedy Gonzales ends up falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Lola ends up thinking the dressed Bugs is really another girl and that Bugs is cheating on her, which causes a whole load of hilarious chaos.

The other half of the episode has to do with Daffy finding a love for hair cutting. There is really nothing special I can say about that part, besides that it was the usual Daffy comedy that this series tends to repackage weekly. Except instead of Daffy excusing people of things or getting into situations that go completely wrong, he actually ends up finding his calling in life and impresses Tina even more. Besides Bugs Bunny, something else that was memorable are the short sequences
where Porky looks at his mirror and asks himself if
he wants to hang out, symbolizing how horribly lonely the poor pig is. But the best part was how Bugs was easily enjoying his role of dressing up as female, showing himself to be very
similar to his old cartoon short characterization. If any episode nearly redeems Bugs to the fullest, it has to be this one.

In short, “Beauty School” was an episode with plenty of looney fun to go around this time.

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