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The Knight in the Area – “Return of the King” Episode 7 Recap

by on May 19, 2012

The match between the FC and SC team continues! Ryuichi is finally back to help the FC team and Kakeru is determined to win the game by following Suguru’s old advice of being “hidden”..

Ryuichi returns to help out the FC team with their struggle of having a score of 1:3 against the SC. Ryuichi is able to outsmart the SC team throughout the course of the match and is able to swiftly dribble the ball into the goal in the course of a few minutes of playing. Thanks to Ryuichi’s amazing skill, Kakeru is able to reach for the soccer ball and score another point that ties the teams with a 3:3. Realizing that they might lose, the SC goes against their coach’s strategy and tries outsmarting Ryuichi in the process. However thanks to following his dead brother’s old advice, Kakeru is able to get the ball again and tries aiming for the final point of the game..

One of the best aspects about this particular episode that surprised me was how in some strange way the SC team became oddly likeable. We get to see the SC’s point of view of being a bit more determined to win by even going against their coach’s normal strategy and expressing how much this game means to them. I liked this a lot because in most sports anime you never really remember that first random team that the main characters go against, simply because it’s usually filled with random characters who hold no value to the story besides being the first obstacle.   The only major complaint I have is that the current soundtrack is rather dull and almost ruins the chances to make a lot of the scenes going on to be much more memorable.   Besides that, Ryuichi and Kakeru pretty much saved the entire game with their own unique skills that might just be enough for that final point.

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