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The Knight in the Area – “Last Pass” Episode 4 Recap

by on May 9, 2012


Kakeru begins to learn the truth behind his new heart and the identity of the mysterious player that was in Suguru’s final dream

It’s revealed that Kakeru doesn’t remember kicking the ball in order to save the little girl, which leads Nana to start suspecting that Suguru’s heart is somehow responsible. At the hospital, Suguru’s sports counselor, Ayake Mine, examines Kakeru and gives him the suggestion to keep exercising his heart. She then secretly takes Nana aside and requests her to keep an eye on Kakeru’s personality and let her know if he ever acts like Suguru in any strange moments because of his new heart. Later that night, Kakeru plays another game of soccer with the masked stranger at the park and gets frustrated to the point where he uses his left leg to easily over power the stranger. The Masked Stranger is revealed to be Nana, who was requested by Suguru a few months back to look after Kakeru and be his partner when he secretly plays soccer at night. Nana decides to tell Kakeru that Suguru’s heart is inside of him and that regardless he was going to die because he was brain dead due to the accident. Kakeru goes into a deep shock because of this and eventually his tears lead him to reading his brother’s diary and discovering that he’s the “Knight in The Area” that Suguru envisioned.  The next morning, Kakeru tells Nana that he will be aiming to enroll in Enoshima High School so he can play soccer alongside Ryuichi Araki, a midfielder with amazing skills that impressed Suguru.

Four episodes have passed and the introduction to “Knight in The Area” is over. The story so far has flowed nicely and it has a good way to keep the viewer interest in. I do think a lot of these events could have been wrapped up in two episodes, yet sometimes going too fast isn’t exactly a good idea either.   Kakeru as a protagonist is so far going great and I really liked how he gained his resolve to play soccer again in a mature manner than have a bunch of depressing moments that might just over stay their welcome. It will definitely be cool to see if his real personality possibly changes because of the fact that he has now adapted his brother’s skills and even possibly his own thoughts.  I was bit disappointed that the masked stranger only turned out to be Nana, simply because I really liked the mystery that was going on in the park scenes. Besides these events, nothing else really comes into importance besides that Suguru has really left the “final pass” to his dreams with his younger brother. I got a good feeling that “Knight in The Arena” will pick itself up and become even stronger when we start seeing the soccer matches unfold.

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