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The Knight In The Area – “Enoshima High Football Club!?” Episode 5 Recap

by on May 11, 2012

One year has passed and Kakeru and Nana have both become students at Enoshima High School.  While meeting with the soccer club, Kakeru is shocked to find that Ryuichi of the FC team has become fat and has no interest in playing soccer ever again..

One year has passed and Kakeru and Nana are officially students in Enoshima High School. They both proceed to enroll in the soccer club, where they discover that the club is the school’s “play soccer for fun” team called the FC. They learn that before the nationals tournament, the FC team goes against the official soccer team called  the “SC”, to prove which team is more worthy to represent the school.  Kakeru begins to feel conflicted about not being on the official team and the fact that the skilled player Ryuichi has lost his interest in soccer completely since the time he played with Suguru.  Kakeru and Nana later learn the unofficial team has higher goals than just reaching the nationals and have more impressive training, which convinces them to stay in the club. Later on, Kakeru learns from Ryuichi that he quit the soccer club and became overweight because of the lack of skilled forwards in the club and that Suguru himself disapproved of the FC team. Kakeru yells out to Ryuichi that he will accept his skilled passes and hopes he will consider coming back in time for their game against the SC team..


Things already are beginning fast with the first official soccer match for the series starting very soon. This episode reveals on how that there is really two soccer teams for Enoshima, one being a club and the other is a strict official school team. The club members so far haven’t really stood out too well and their designs are rather bland to the point that they could merge with the school background of students.   To be fair though, I thought the twist of Ryuichi being overweight now and quitting the FC was a rather interesting turn of events and definitely makes the good possibility of having another character join the main cast. As long as this series can keep slowly making these characters more interesting and fun then I can see a great future for it.   Everything is starting up now and we can see soon on how the soccer matches will be handled with Kakeru determined to succeed..

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