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The Knight in the Area- “Conclusion” Episode 8 Recap

by on May 19, 2012

The match between the FC and SC team concludes with a shocking turn of events..

Kakeru aims for the final shot of the game and..it fails to enter the goal. The match ends with a tie and both coaches decide to put an end to the FC and SC teams and plan to merge them together into one brand new team.  A few days pass and the members of the FC team are shocked to find out that Ryuichi has gained weight again due to eating so many snacks. Kakeru and Nana decide to take the task of helping him lose weight and talk to his mother about changing his diet around completely.  Later that night, Kakeru trains with Nana and he begins to finally realize his weakness when he dribbles. While walking back home with Kakeru, Nana begins to think about a specific offer that she was given to help out in a game for Nadeshiko Japan. Kakeru is able to indirectly help her worries and tells her that he can’t wait for them to play a real game of soccer together. Once returning home, Nana decides to gain the resolve to accept the offer.

The first game of the series has ended with a rather interesting twist of the two teams merging together and combining their skills to reach the nationals. I thought this was a good turn of events to occur because it definitely helps both teams to reach for their dreams and not leave the taste of a bitter sweet result.  Sadly, the second half of the episode was only mediocre with an interesting twist of Nana possibly being a even greater player than she appears and..a rather pointless twist of Ryuichi magically being fat again. I understand that Ryuichi switching his weight around in the course of a few days is meant to be funny gag, yet at the same time it’s definitely a joke that is going to over stay its welcome if it continues. The Knight in The Area has so far really impressed me and it somehow reminds me now of a very light-heart version of the Eyeshield 21 series; it holds a lot of humor under its wing and it has a rather good way of bringing in the characters’ emotions when it’s necessary.

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